Friday, July 23, 2010

Polar Bear Swim

On Tuesday morning Clark organized a Polar Bear Swim.  A Polar Bear Swim takes place at 6:30 a.m. in the morning and you jump into the freezing cold ocean.  Don't ask me why you would want to do this other than you could then say you did it.  I can't imagine there is ANYTHING enjoyable about this!!!

Clark went down a little early and got a fire going so they could warm up afterwards.

Just a note:  I did not take these photos.  I did not get anywhere near this event.  I stayed at home in my nice warm bed.  Thanks to Celeste for taking them!!

The crazies begin to arrive - The Reber/Hogsett house is first!

 Here comes the Wynn Wilkes house!
and then our house...

Here they are - the whole group of crazies together!!!
And there they go.....

I love the hand holding - some real bonding time!!
Just like a little row of ducklings, one after another....

And here they come back out of again.  That didn't take too long!

I love the look on David's face!!!  And then there is Kalin's face.  I think that says it all!!

David gets the award for being the OLDEST person to attend the Polar Bear Swim....

Heading back to get warm!!

What a bunch of crazies!!

I guess from the looks of it this was the First Annual Polar Bear Swim. 

Number One!

and P for Polar Bear Swim....

Our Famly Photo Shoot

A family photo shoot is always an interesting experience.  Usually a little frustrating too.

I think it was during our family's photo shoot that someone too this picture.

I am sure I looked like this more than once during the shoot.  (I can't believe I have put this photo on the blog not only once but twice!!!)

Let's just say my kids have had their photos taken a few times during their life - ha ha!!  They know how to do it but I think they really enjoy being goof offs because they know how much it bugs me!!

Here are a few behind the scene shoots from our family photo shoot.

Where's Clark!?!?

Finally...everyone is there.

Fighting over who gets to sit on Logan's lap??


Despite how frustrating they can sometimes be I love those kids....


 and every....
 one of....


Thanks to Celeste we got a few decent family ones too....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank you Anonymous

Yeah comments!  Thank you people.  For those of you who are not bloggers you might not understand that bloggers love comments.  It lets them know that there is somebody out there.  That somebody is reading what they are putting out there and they are not alone!!

So - thanks to all the comments that came today.  I have one favor though - if you don't have a google ID (it's easy to get one) and you decide to leave a comment as Anonymous could you just sign your name along with the comment so I know who you are?  That is of course unless you are leaving a mean comment and don't want anyone to know who you are :)!!


Traveling Tessa

OK so I've been blogging my brains out the last two days posting pictures from our family reunion.  Deleting, editing etc.   I hope someone out there is enjoying them?  Anybody out there?  Leave a comment and let me know if you are!!  Am I the only one reading this blog???

Tessa got her turn for a photo shoot too.  She chose the suitcase.

I love these shots of her. 

Where is she going?

Is she coming or going?

Cali and the Chair

Cali wanted her turn in The Chair after Aunt Jayna.

Everyone decided The Chair was pretty cool.  Especially The Chair in the ocean!!!  I mean really, how often do you get a chance to set on a chair in the ocean!!

Some of the girl cousins came and joined Cali on The Chair, in the ocean!  And then the waves came in!

 Just a little wet!

Gone with the Wind

Jayna was at the family union  solo - no Tom.  She had two of her boys with her, Kalin and Aaron but Tom and McKay had to stay home and work - so sad!  We missed them.

Jayna wanted her picture taken in The Chair too.  She was reading Gone with the Wind and thought it would be fun to be sitting in the chair, in the water reading.  I love it!

I think she thought it was a good idea until this happened....

then it was a little cold and wet!


One of my other photo experiments for the beach was to take some silhouette photos at sunset.  I loved how they turned out and I'm thinking I may be using one of them on my Christmas card this year!!

Here are my kids!

And then some of the girl cousins got in on the action.  Can you figure out who they are???