Thursday, March 26, 2009

Culinary Adventures in Arizona

I had to share a couple of the fun things we had to eat while in Arizona.

Unfortunately my battery was dead when we went to Cafe Rio - so no pictures.

We did enjoy breakfast at a fun restaurant - Butterfields!

Don't Hannah's Banana Pancakes look wonderful!

Tessa was having a french toast craving and I had some yummy Spanish Scramble - the portions were huge!!!

And of course if there is an In and Out within any distance we must go!!

But our yummiest find was Tammie Coe Cakes! Debbie had seen an ad for the bakery in a local magazine she had picked up. The bakery was advertising FROSTING SHOTS!

Isn't that why you eat cake - to eat FROSTING!

We decided we had to try it! After a little bit of a wild goose chase trying to find the bakery we found it - unfortunately they were not serving FROSTING SHOTS that day but the lady assured us that eating one of their mini cupcakes was like eating a FROSTING SHOT

And she was right!

Half of it was yummy FROSTING!

We also discovered these darling and very DELICIOUS sugar cookies they were making at the bakery! They were so good!! Yes - we ended that day on a bit of a sugar high!!

You may be wondering where Jim was when we were having all this fun??? Back at home working - poor Jim!!

Spring Break - Phoenix and Sunshine!

Tessa and I are once again sitting in the Portland airport - a mere 15 hours after our arrival at the airport yesterday. While waiting for our plane to Dallas thought I'd update the blog with some photos from our trip to Phoenix.
Tessa and I flew out Friday morning to spend four days in the glorious sun with our neighbors Debbie and Hannah Osborne.

We left behind 40 degree weather for 85 - it was heaven!

We had a wonderful time doing nothing - we spent most of our time by the pool - in the sun. The hotel has a lazy river too which we enjoyed cooling off in!

This was Hannah's version of sunscreen!
As always Tessa was a total fashion plate!

We usually hit the pool about 9:30 a.m. and then ate lunch poolside or in the Hole in the Wall Restaurant on site. We'd head in midafternoon to shower and dress and then do a little shopping and dinner out.

We enjoyed dinner at Oreganos, Camarones, Village Tavern and In and Out!

We also got a little shopping in, of course and found Tessa a cute new dress for the wedding in Texas because you know she had NOTHING else to wear!!!

Hannah and Debbie flew out Tuesday afternoon and Tess and I went to spend the night with Tamara. We enjoyed dinner at Cafe Rio in Gilbert and then had fun visiting with Tamara and hearing all about her wedding/new life plans! Her engagement ring is beautiful!!

We were looking forward to sleeping in our own beds for at least one night before we headed out to Texas!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

You are Invited - Voice Recital

All you Utah relatives - you are invited!

Cali is having a voice recital and would love to have friends and familiy support her - that means you Logan and Clark and of course anyone else who would like to go!
Wish I could be there!!!