Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beach Babes and their Boys Valentine DiThnner

The host's with the most - Shauna and Merrill Watts once again hosted our annual Valentine dinner.

What a feast we had.

Patrice volunteered to bring steaks and man did she bring steaks.  They were gorgeous.  I haven't had a piece of meat like this in a long time!
The boys did a fine job of grilling them to perfection!

The table was lovely as always and there was a hand dipped strawberry at each place.
 Of course there were delicious appetizers.  I loved the brie layered with pears and nuts in a pastry shell - so good!

 I had my first bok choy.  They just put some olive oil on it and grilled it - so good!

 April brought a lovely pasta salad with lots of fresh herbs from her garden.

 The plate of food was a masterpiece.  The little carrot bundles were amazing and there was even a thin character stick tied into a knot!  But I thought the potatoes were the most amazing!  You may think those are mushrooms on the plate  - but they are not.  Merrill cut the potatoes into the shape of mushrooms.  Chef Merrill the extraordinaire!

 There were lots of yummy beverages too (of the non-alcoholic variety of course)
 I was in charge of dessert.  I made a white chocolate whip cream/chocolate mousse cake.  It was a disappointment I thought.  Not nearly good enough for the amount of time it took to make.  But at least it looked cute with the little cake bunting I made for it.
It was a wonderful evening.  Good food, good friends and as always lots of good conversation when the Beach Babes get together!  How grateful I am for these women who have been an important part of my life for a long time!!

Living Legends and the Funky Junk Sisters

We had a fun and busy weekend.

Friday night the BYU Living Legends were in town to perform at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.  Jim and I both serve on the BYU Alumni Association Portland Chapter Board and the chapter was sponsoring the event.

We attended the show and then had 3 girls from the group spend the night with us.  They were delightful an so fun to have.  We fed them pizza and ice cream when they got back to the house late Friday night and Jim then fixed them a yummy breakfast of Cinnamon Apple Dutch Baby and then we backed them a lunch and had them to the church by 8:30 a.m.!  It was a quick visit.

From there Tessa and my friends Meg and Marsha and I headed out to Hillsboro to the Funky Junk Sisters vintage flea market. I love hanging with my girls!   So fun!  We found so many amazing treasures.  Just wish we could have brought them all home.  I especially wish I could have brought Buttercup home with me!

 Jim thinks I am crazy but I want one of these!!!  It would be the perfect She Cave!!!
Tessa found a few treasures that she did bring home with her.  These fun leather boots!

Here's another trailer that was just calling my name....  Leigh Anne....take me home with you..... please....
 I did bring a few things home including this cute yellow vintage ironing board!!  I bought it from this cute girl.

 Or I would be totally happy with this trailer.....
 Another vintage find of Tessa's - a beautiful cream colored wool coat that looked darling belted.  Doesn't everything look darling on Tessa??!!  It came home with us too - only twenty dollars!!

 On the way home we made a stop at Goodwill and I found this treasure.  I loved the colors and the fact that it was an Idaho plate was a bonus.  I'm thinking I need to start a collection - I'll start with all the states we've lived in..
 Two more treasures from the flea market.  An old drawer that is perfect for holding all kinds of treasures!

 And my lovely yellow ironing board!!  I think it will be perfect as a serving area for any upcoming garden parties we may have....

It was a fun weekend.  More pictures and fun at our annual Beach Babe and their Boys Valentine Dinner coming up!!