Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Sunday!

We enjoyed a beautiful, sunny Saturday.  It was heaven.  It felt like it had been so long since we had seen the sun.  Sunday mornin, though we woke up to pouring down rain again.

Not only did we wake up to rain but I looked out the front window and I discovered this...

A perfectly flat tire on the Suburban.  A nail had gotten it and flatten the tire.  Fortunately it didn't happen while we were driving it like last time!!

Jim got out the old rain boots and rain slicker and headed out to change it.  Whoever put the tire on did a really good job and Jim was having a really hard time getting the bolts off.  He thought maybe he would have to call AAA.
But fortunately neighbor Tom came to the rescue.  He brought over his wrench and went to work on it.

It was hard work but they were finally able to get the tire off!

Here's Jim informing Tom that he is probably going to make the blog!!!
Thanks Tom - we love our neighbors!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Makeup by Marin

This weekend Tessa had her senior pictures taken.  Her friend Marin came over to do her makeup for her before the photo shoot.(pictures of that to come next)

Tessa wanted something different than the "normal" boring senior pictures.  Our amazing photographer friend Meg was taking them and they decided to do a "vintage barbie" look.    We raided the costume shop at Westview for all their 50's era clothing and found a few things that would work and then I spent Friday driving around to vintage stores in Portland to see if I could find something.

I guess today clothes from the 70's and 80's are considered vintage.  I actually found things that I use to own!!  Guess that means I'm old or vintage!!  I ended up finding an amazing dress for Tessa at a really nice vintage store and she gave it to me for half price because there was a stain on that really didn't show!  The best part was that Tessa loved it too.

Marin did a great job on her makeup and gave her a nice smoky eye with pink lips and cheeks.  I of course had to take photos of the makeup session.

Hair Show

On Friday Tessa was part of a hair show.  We had never been to a hair show before.  It is basically a fashion show for hair!  A salon here in town was doing it and one of Tessa's friends, Rachel gets her hair done at that salon.  The gal that does Rachel's hair asked her to be in it and a couple of her friends.

Each of the hair stylists at the salon had a couple of models and they did their hair in different looks - day time, evening, and then there was the extreme fantasy look.

Tessa was actually the segue girl.  She came out on stage halfway through and April, the hair stylist actually did her hair on stage.  She showed how easy it was to use a hair piece and create a fun dressy, evening look.

Tessa had highlights put in her hair and then they got a hair piece that matched her hair to use.

Tessa was suppose to wear something "cocktail partyish"  Well since she doesn't go to too many cocktail parties we were really weren't sure what she should wear but of course Tessa came up with something!
 The hair piece was pretty cool - too bad she can't keep it!
Tessa's two friends Rachel and Rachel were also in the show.  Rachel D.  did an evening look and Rachel W. was part of the fantasy group!  Can you guess what fantasy movie she is from??

 Her hair and make up job were amazing!  She even wore special contacts on her eyes to make them look creepy!!  If you haven't guessed - she is from Avatar!

Here's the three girls together!

It was a fun evening for them.  Afterwards they hurried off to the high school for the A'cat'emy Awards - the end of the year theater awards ceremony.  They went with their hair and makeup and costumes - I am sure they were the hit of the evening!!