Sunday, February 5, 2012

First 5K

This summer Cali got us all to do the Couch to 5K program and we made it all the way through and actually ran our own "unofficial 5K" here in the neighborhood.  My running stopped after that.

Then this fall a group of gals from church decided to form a running group and train to run a marathon.  I decided to join in although my goal is a 1/2 marathon not a full.  They run at night and after about a week of that I decided I much prefer to run in the morning so I am following along the program but I run in the morning. 

Two mornings a week my friend Marsha runs with me and the other day I run by myself.  We decided as a group to enter our first official 5K race.  It was a Rival BYU/U of P race on the day of the BYU Men's Basketball game at U of P.  The BYU Management Society was sponsoring it.

 Marsha Jensen, me, My-Lynn Teague, Nicole Read, Laurel Winkel  (Mary Anne Heap also raced with us)

Didn't realize they would be announcing my age too!!

It was a beautiful sunny, clear day but it was pretty chilly and windy up at the top of Mt. Tabor.  About 15-20 MPH winds that day.  We had a beautiful view of the city from the top of Mt. Tabor.

The race was 1/2 up and 1/2 down with very little, if no level ground.  Let's just say it was a challenge - especially with the wind.  I have run farther than a 3K before but with all the uphill it was tough going.  But we did it!!

I was the last of our group to finish and the advantage of that is everyone is there to cheer for you!!  Larry and Jim were there too to cheer us on!!
We even got medals!

Like I said - I wasn't fast but I finished!!

For a post race treat the four of us headed over to the Waffle Window for Lunch!!


In January Jim and I got a little involved politically.  Our Congressional District was having a special election to replace a Congressman who was ousted from Congress - bad dude!

Rob Cornilles was running as the Republican (a difficult thing to do where we live).  Rob is a good man and also the grandson of Tom Emmett who is in our ward.  Jim home teaches the Emmett's.  We spent a little time helping out.  Jim went to the call center several times and made calls to remind people to vote and I went with him once.

Working the phones was an interesting experience and we got to talk to all kinds of people.  The majority were very nice but a lot of them were getting tired of being called.  The trick to not getting so many political calls is to vote early.  Usually, once you have voted, your name is taken off the list - so vote early!!!

I also spent part of a Saturday afternoon outside a local grocery store reminding people to vote and asking them to consider Rob.

Our neighbor Caitie Osborne was working as one of Rob's interns so she encouraged us to get involved!

Unfortunately Rob lost  but at it was fun to get a little involved and support him!

Valentine Decor

I like to post my holiday decor here on the blog so I can look back the next year to remember how I did it!
I had fun creating a new mantle decor for Valentines.  I used a couple of old window frames I had and some vintage Valentines I had bought on ebay.

 The wreath, cherub angel and candlesticks all came from Goodwill

I made a little Valentine Subway art for the frame, filled a container full of hearts and used my brown kraft letters to spell out love.

 I found these cute little shoes in an antique shop for three dollars and just couldn't resist them.
Another cute cherub from Goodwill on a cake stand I already had.
Love filling containers with hearts.
And of course we couldn't have Valentine's Day with some candy conversation hearts!

Snow and Frost

January brought a bit of snow to Portland - it lasted a few hours but it was beautiful while it lasted.

The garden can be just as beautiful in a skiff of snow as when it is in full bloom in the summer.

 We also had lots of frost and even some freezing fog. It was beautiful!

Birthday Dinner

For my birthday dinner we had a fun dinner party at Gloria's Secret Cafe.

It is a teeny, tiny  (I mean small!) little restaurant in downtown Beaverton. Gloria has a booth at the Beaverton Farmer's Market but she also has this little cafe.  She is from El Salvador and a great cook. 

 Larry and Gerry were our welcoming committee.

 We barely all fit into the restaurant.  We fit as long as no one had to get up and go to the bathroom!

We enjoyed a wonderful evening of good food and good friends!  Lots of fun and laughs!

 We brought along our own sparkling cider and Bill Young led us in a toast.

 It was also Darlene Young, Jane Densley and Gerry Reeve's birthday in January so all the birthday people helped blow out the candles on my favorite lemon poppyseed birthday cake from Beaverton Bakery!

It is a teeny, tiny  (I mean small!) little restaurant in downtown Beaverton. Gloria has a booth at the Beaverton Farmer's Market but she also has this little cafe.  She is from El Salvador and a great cook. 

What a fun way to celebrate my 52nd birthday!