Monday, November 24, 2008

Picture Tagged

My niece Lucy has picture tagged me. Here's the picture!
It's a cute one of my two cute girls enjoying ice cream outside our favorite little ice cream shop in Manzanita - on the Oregon Coast. We love it there!!

I tag Michelle, Rhonda and Sarah!

Heres how it works:
Post your fourth picture in your fourth folder on your computer. NO CHEATING!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Boring Life

When Logan asked me earlier in the week why I hadn't updated the blog I told him that life was just too boring around here - he replied that life is NEVER boring around here!

But I think on the excitement scale the last couple of weeks have been on the low end. But I know that is about to change because the 3 college kids come home in two days! I am so excited!

And yes Logan - I can't wait to hear you yell MUDDAH!

I spent some time digging out the boys room so they could sleep in their beds and I've been making major grocery shopping lists and menu plans. I see ALOT of cooking in my future.

It will be a busy week with the kids home and all of Tessa's ballet rehearsals and performances but we are going to love every minute of it.

Here's a brief breakdown of our past week:

Monday - Tessa to the Carrie Underwood concert with Hannah

Tuesday - Book Club for Leigh Anne even though she didn't read the book - just couldn't get in to it despite the fact it is Jim's favorite book - Undaunted Courage.

Wednesday - Temple Baptism trip for Tessa and Leigh Anne. Jim to Seattle for the day

Thursday - CM Meeting for Leigh Anne and then Twilight Premiere

Friday - Dance Class for Jim and Leigh Anne and sleep! Trying to recover from Twilight Premiere

Saturday- Jim flies to Spokane for the day to attend temple sealing of James Fowler and his family. Tessa has dance rehearsal all day and Leigh Anne enjoys a day home alone! Makes a good dent in her Christmas shopping! Tessa goes to see Twilight again with a friend.

My Young Women's lesson was on Preparing for Change. I used the talk given by President Monson last conference - Joy in the Journey. If you haven't read it - do so.

College Kid Update:

Cali - wants everyone to know she LOVED Twilight and everything about it!!

Logan - had 3 dates this week with 3 different girls! Yeah!

Clark - as far as I know all he has done this week is work, school, study, watch BYU football .

Not Bad for 100 Years Old!

Tonight at the dinner table Jim made the announcement that our combined age - Jim and Leigh Anne - is 100 YEARS OLD!

Now remember - Jim is a bigger percentage of that 100 years!

But I don't think we look that bad for being 100 years old.

So, kids, next time someone asks you how old your parents are -
you can tell them - 100!