Monday, September 6, 2010

Go Cougars!

Just wanted to share a few shots from Jim's weekend in Utah.  Jim didn't take a camera so thank you Cali for getting a few shots of the football game!

The three boys went golfing right before the game so they had to grab something at the game for dinner. Clark has never been a big BYU football fan so he didn't get tickets this year. He headed off to another state to engage in a certain activity for a bachelor party for a certain friend of his. Enough said.

 Jim and Logan sat together in Logan's seats (now that he is a grownup he has "real" seats not student seats).

Cali still sits in the student section...

Part way through the game Cali came over to the "real seats" and joined her dad and brother.

It was a great game and BYU won.  The game and weekend with his kids was a great birthday present for Jim!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Girl's Weekend

Friday morning Jim flew out to Utah for the weekend.  He was given the ticket for his birthday.  He was excited to get to see BYU play Univ. of Washington on Saturday - Go BYU!

Tessa and I decided to take full advantage of the girl's only weekend. Tessa still has some reading to do before school starts so she has done a lot of that.  Both books are now finished and only one paper left to write.  She better hurry since school starts in less than 36 hours.  I worked on several projects and got a lot accomplished too!  A Christmas quilt almost done and 3 digital books completed.

Friday night we enjoyed a pizza and watching a few episodes of Lark Rise to Candleford.  Thanks to Aunt Tricia for introducing us to this new BBC series.  We are loving it and can't wait for the next Netflix disc to get here.

Saturday we got up and headed out on a breakfast adventure.  We went over to North Portland to Tasty n Sons.  We beat the rush and were seated right away.  When we left there were probably 40 people in line.

They are a brunch restaurant - and the food was great!  Everything is served family style so we got to share!

The chocolate potato doughnuts with cream anglaise were yummy.
The French Toast was divine....

And the Cheese Biscuit with egg and fried chicken to die for - really!!!

Tessa was sporting her cute new headband we picked up in Provo.  Thinking we need to make a few of
After breakfast we wandered down N. Williams St. a bit and looked in some of the fun shops. We happened upon Pix Patisserie - a french pastry and coffee shop.  Of course we were stuffed from breakfast but couldn't help looking.

They were making one of these amazing Croquembouche  and we watched them through the window - isn't it amazing!!!  Cream puffs and caramel.  We also purchased one french macaroon to share - it was heavenly - caramel with sea salt.  Melt in your mouth.  I wish we'd bought more!!
From there we headed over to the Portland Farmer's Market to pick up some fresh berries, basil and a baguette from The Pearl Bakery.

We were having a girl's dinner - a salad with fresh strawberries and oranges and a plate full of bruschetta with tomatoes fresh out of the garden - so good!  We enjoyed this while watching a few more episodes of Lark Rise to Candleford.

Jim just texted from the airport - his plane is late.  Glad he has a car at the airport!!!