Monday, September 6, 2010

Go Cougars!

Just wanted to share a few shots from Jim's weekend in Utah.  Jim didn't take a camera so thank you Cali for getting a few shots of the football game!

The three boys went golfing right before the game so they had to grab something at the game for dinner. Clark has never been a big BYU football fan so he didn't get tickets this year. He headed off to another state to engage in a certain activity for a bachelor party for a certain friend of his. Enough said.

 Jim and Logan sat together in Logan's seats (now that he is a grownup he has "real" seats not student seats).

Cali still sits in the student section...

Part way through the game Cali came over to the "real seats" and joined her dad and brother.

It was a great game and BYU won.  The game and weekend with his kids was a great birthday present for Jim!


Jim Wilkes said...

Thank you family for a wonderful gift. My family gave me a ticket for my birthday to go to Utah for the first BYU football game BYU beat Washington 23 - 17. Alot of good memories shared ... Peach milkshakes with Cali...golfing with the boys and David, Eric and Lane...BYU football game with Logan and Cali... and the Salmon bake at David's...

Thanks again I love you


Tamara said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend so much. WHAT A GREAT GIFT!