Friday, October 10, 2008

Homecoming Week at BYU

Here's the banner that was on the front page of the Daily Universe advertising Homecoming Spectacular - that's our Logan boy - third from the left!

Cali went to the show Thursday night and Clark had a date and went tonight. Wish we could have been there to see it.

It is Homecoming week at BYU this week and Cali got into the festivities big time. She hiked the Y on Wednesday night and screwed in one of the lightbulbs to light the Y. Logan's roommate's band played for the big party so Logan was there to film it. Cali got to meet Cosmos in person too!

Then the next day Cali participated in a great big slip n slide covered in BLUE foam. Two days later she is still somewhat blue! I think she is having TOO MUCH FUN!!!
Clark - send your mother some pictures or at least post them on your facebook and I will share on the blog - would like to see your handsome face!!!
Love you kids!! Your tickets home for Christmas are booked - yeah!!! Thank goodness for frequent flier miles!!!!

In the News!

Isn't that a cute rear end! A fun shot from Homecoming Spectacular. The picture was in the Daily Universe.
Logan also made the front page of the Daily Universe.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Beach Babe Getaway

Just returned from a fun weekend with my Beach Babe friends. Instead of the beach we headed to central Oregon - the Bend/Sisters area. We had a lovely condo at Eagle Crest thanks to Julie's timeshare membership. Unfortunately I have no photos to share. I took my camera but it had a dead battery - oops!

Since Patrice, one of the babes, had recently broken her foot we stayed pretty quiet and just enjoyed being together and talking. We did make a afternoon trip into Sisters where we did a little shopping - no Beach Babe get together is ever complete with out some shopping. I love the quilt store in Sisters and spent some time drooling over beautiful fabrics. I did pick up a few pieces to make some surprises for my girls for Christmas - no telling!

We enjoyed a couple of cute movies - Mrs Pettygrew Lives for the Day and Baby Mama, some good food, a game of Five Crowns and lots of good conversation. There was no wireless at the condo so I went through a little withdraw of not having computer access but it was good for me!

Jim and Tessa survived their weekend without me. With ballet rehearsal all day Saturday - 9:30 - 4:00 and a high school football game Friday night Jim was home alone quite a bit. He enjoyed watching conference on Saturday and taping it for Tessa and I to watch during the week (unfortunately the condo didn't get cable) Sunday he and Tessa watched one session with Grandma and Grandpa Best.

Jim had a yummy pork chop dinner ready for me when I returned home Sunday afternoon.

College Kid Update:
Clark spent the weekend in Salt Lake at his roommate Ted's house enjoying conference with his buddies.

Logan headed up to Logan (Utah) Friday night for the football game and then back to Provo for conference. He watched Saturday sessions at his apartment, one of them with Cali and then attended Priesthood with the Boothe boys and then went to dinner with them. Sunday, Logan headed down to Spanish Fork for the morning session and breakfast with the Boothe family - thank you Boothe's! He and Cali then went over to Wynn and Emily's for the afternoon session and food! Thank you Wynn and Emily for once again taking good care of our kids!!

Posters for Homecoming Spectacular went up all over campus this week - Logan is the second from the left. The Young Ambassadors will be performing.

Willy Wonka rehearsals are heating up for Tessa. Show opens in two weeks. Tessa is enjoying her voice lessons with Jay (Cali and Logan's teacher) she started a couple of weeks ago and last week when I picked her up Jay was very complimentary - saying that her two siblings have nothing over her! Think I may need to stay and listen next week.