Monday, September 29, 2008

College Kid Visit

I enjoyed 3 days of visiting with my Logan, Clark and Cali. I arrived home Sunday afternoon tired but happy. After two calls from my children wondering when I was going to update the blog I figured I better get to it!!

I flew to Utah Thursday afternoon and my friend Carol Rice picked me up from the airport and we enjoyed lunch together and some fun visiting. She drove me down to Provo where I popped in on Young Ambassador rehearsal. They have a beautiful new facility in the Richard's building.

They were rehearsing the Mama Mia number and Billy Joel number. Logan is in both so he went back and forth between rooms.

Clark and Cali met us at 7:00 after rehearsal was over. We got take out from Cafe and Rio and went over to Clark's apartment to watch the season opening of The Office. I have only seen the show a few times but must admit as stupid as the show is - it is pretty funny.

I spent my nights out in Lindon at Dave and Tricia's - thanks for always being so welcoming and happy to see me! I love you guys!! I missed seeing Emily, Wynn and kids who were in St. George. Logan did enjoy his phone call from Jacki when Emily was in the shower - did you know she called Emily!?

Friday I had a conference to attend up in Sandy - a conference for entrepreneurial woman. Lots of ideas and tips for starting and running a business, many of them a home based business.

The best part of the day was winning the discounted fee for attending the upcoming Marketing to Woman Online Retreat that Startup Princess is sponsoring - so I will be back in Utah in November to attend that!

Friday, after my conference the kids and I ate at a yummy newer restaurant in Orem - Pizzeria 712. It reminded me of Ken's Artisan Pizza in Portland - lots of fresh, yummy ingredients. Clark had a intramural football game that evening and Logan, Cali and I went to the Hale Family theater to see their product of Aida which was wonderful. Several of the YA's are in the show so it was fun to see them. Jim, Logan and I had seen the show on Broadway before his mission.

Saturday Cali had to take a test and Clark had some homework so I went back down to watch YA practice for a while.

They were practicing the number for their closer - a number from Tarzan. For those of you who saw the show last year - Logan will be a tree! He gets to walk around the stage during the number on stilts. He tried out the stilts for the first time while I was there. He was a little unsteady but sure he will get use to it.

While Logan practiced all day Clark, Cali and I went and did some shopping. We stopped by the Riverwoods and then had lunch at Magleby's Fresh - yum. Cali had to attend the production Dial M for Murder on campus that afternoon so we took her back and then Clark and I headed to the mall where he bought himself some nice new fall clothes and then an ironing board at Wal Mart .

Cali and I attended the RS Broadcast in the Marriott Center together which was nice. As we stood to sing one of the songs I was touched by the spirit in that huge building - all those beautiful girls together. I am so glad that Cali is part of that. I especially enjoyed Elder Uchtdorf's talk on Creative and Compassion - wonderful! I can't wait to print off a copy and re-read it.

After the conference the boys met us and we had dinner at an Indian restaurant in Provo - can't remember the name. It was yummy, especially the Naan bread. Cali had a ward activity that evening so we took her back to the dorm and the boys and I went out for ice cream.
By 10:00 I was pretty worn out from the college life so went back to David and Tricia's and the boys went off to play some more!

Sunday morning I went to Sacrament with Logan, just long enough to take the sacrament and then headed up to the airport.

It is good to be home. Tessa commented that - "You think the house is quiet with the 3 kids gone - it was really quiet with you gone." So I guess I am the noisy one out of the three of us left at home.

Jim attended a 5 ward Stake meeting Sunday night where they made some revisions in ward boundaries. I was hoping we would inherit some younger families and more kids but all they did was add Claremont - the retirement community back into our ward. Some wonderful people (two former Presidents of the Portland Temple and regional reps) but no youth.