Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

The Daines family joined us for Easter dinner and to watch the Sunday afternoon session of conference. After the Easter egg hunt Owen kept himself occupied with the bowl of jelly beans!  Sorry Meg!

Addy kept herself entertained with a plate of cupcakes.  As soon as she licked the frosting off one cupcake she would ask for another saying the first one was "dirty."  Of course I gave her as many as she wanted - sorry Meg!

We enjoyed conference and a yummy dinner.  Meg brought some delicious rolls!

And a little family photo shoot after dinner...  Thanks Daines family!

and our family too...

OK so I'm out of photos for the week so I guess I'll have to clean the house!!!

Easter Egg Hunt Part Two

I didn't like the thought of spending Easter all by ourselves so lucky for us our friends the Daines agreed to come spend it with us!  They have two of the cutest little kids - Owen and Addy!  Meg and Greg are pretty great themselves too.

I am especially grateful to Greg - he is a very handy guy to have around.  He fixed my squeaky dining room table in about 5 minutes!  Yeah Greg!

Jim thought it would be fun to have a little egg hunt for Owen and Addy when they arrived so we set up our traditional string hunt for them!.
Did I mention how cute they are!?!?

I am sure their parents were thrilled with more candy but we had fun!  I told them that's what happens when you come to Grandma's house - they get to eat as much candy as they want!  Although Greg did a pretty good job on that bowl of jelly beans himself!!

Did I mention how cute they are??

and here is our cutie!

Easter Egg Hunt Part One

You may have noticed quite a few blog posts from me today - I am using blogger as an avoidance behavior today! 

Good thing we had a lot going on this last week so I have something to blog about or I might have to clean the house or something!!!

I mentioned my families attachment to tradition...  well for the last 25 years the Easter Bunny has left a web of string at our house for the kids to follow to their Easter basket treats.  He also did this at my house when I was growing up thus the tradition continues.

Ready to start the hunt!
The Easter Bunny (aka Jim) gets pretty creative at our house as to where he hides/hangs the candy!  She needed a little help getting this one down!
I thought Mr. Easter Bunny was quite clever with this one - hiding Tessa's new Easter bonnet in the garage with all of Jim's baseball hats!

Some candy and a new hat and scarf!

Tessa plus John plus Michael

Tessa is in love - in love with two different men - John and Michael!
Tessa and Hannah went to the John Mayer concert on Tuesday night.  They  had an amazing time and Tessa is in love!
They had great seats - on the main floor just 16 rows back!
It made for a late school night and she paid the price the next night when she was up until 2:30 a.m. finishing  paper!
Friday night I got to enjoy my Christmas present from Tessa - tickets to the Michael Buble concert.
We had a fun mother/daughter date with Tessa's friend Kylie and her mother.
Before the concert we went to Henry's 12th Street Tavern where we shared a yummy burger.

Kylie and her mom.
Our seats weren't quite as good for this concert but fortunately there are binoculars built into the seats!

Here's Michael!

I think we're both in love!

Conference Weekend

We enjoyed a  relaxing, inspirational weekend listening to Conference and enjoying a yummy Easter dinner.

There was a lot of this going on at our house - snuggling on the couch with a quilt!
I did make a big mistake though - I forgot how attached to tradition my children are - especially Tessa.  I guess I ALWAYS make cinnamon rolls for General Conference.

Cali even continued the tradition at college this weekend and sent us a picture of her delicious looking cinnamon rolls she made!  Very impressive.

Well, I didn't make cinnamon rolls and believe me I will never make that mistake again.
I did make some pretty yummy orange pancakes with orange syrup though!
But it just wasn't the same!
There was also a lot of this going on ....note taking
I loved all the talks and sessions but I think Saturday morning was my favorite.  Way to go Julie Beck!!  I also loved Elder Ballard's talk to the mothers and daughters.  Can't wait to read them all again!

While Jim went to Priesthood meeting Tessa and I had a girl's night out with my friends Marsha and Chris (Chris is also our dentist!)
We pretended we were in NYC and went downtown to a fun Jewish Deli - Kenny & Zukes where Tessa and I split a yummy PLT - Pastrami, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich and some latkes!  Yum!

Other Conference happenings....
Clark drove up to Idaho Falls Uncle David and family to watch conference and visit with Grandma and Grandpa Wilkes

Cali had tickets to the Saturday morning session and went up with some of her roommates.  She watched the other sessions at home and then went to Wynn and Emily's for Easter dinner and the afternoon session.
Logan watched at home and then attended Priesthood with Mark, Randy and Ross Boothe.  He also went to the Boothe's home in Spanish Fork for Sunday a.m. and then out to Wynn and Emily's for Sunday afternoon.

Love this cute picture of Logan and Addi taking in the afternoon session!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Festival of Colors

Last weekend was the annual Festival of Colors at a Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah.

The Festival of Colors announces the beginning of Spring and a farewell to Winter.

It is a very colorful celebration as people are bathed in colorful powders.  I don't quite understand the whole thing but Cali loves going.  There are thousands of people who attend!
Cali went with her roommates and her friend Brittany Carson who was down from BYU- I

Here is their before pictures.

And their after photos!
Quite a colorful group - Cali and her roommates.
I really don't quite understand how the whole things works?  Do you throw the colored powder at each other?  Cali, please enlighten your mother!?

Legally Blonde

Just a few more photos from Tessa's Spring Break trip to Utah.

While there she was able to see two shows.  Cali, Logan and Tessa went to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Hale Family Theater .  It was fun to see Shayla in the show.

They also went to Salt Lake to see the Broadway show Legally Blonde.  Cousins Eryn and Cecilia went with them!

The three cousins on the ride to Salt Lake (thanks to Logan for being the chaperone along with Cali!)