Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Part Two

I didn't like the thought of spending Easter all by ourselves so lucky for us our friends the Daines agreed to come spend it with us!  They have two of the cutest little kids - Owen and Addy!  Meg and Greg are pretty great themselves too.

I am especially grateful to Greg - he is a very handy guy to have around.  He fixed my squeaky dining room table in about 5 minutes!  Yeah Greg!

Jim thought it would be fun to have a little egg hunt for Owen and Addy when they arrived so we set up our traditional string hunt for them!.
Did I mention how cute they are!?!?

I am sure their parents were thrilled with more candy but we had fun!  I told them that's what happens when you come to Grandma's house - they get to eat as much candy as they want!  Although Greg did a pretty good job on that bowl of jelly beans himself!!

Did I mention how cute they are??

and here is our cutie!


mary lemons said...

I just watched your cupcake tutorial...Excellant!! Plus, I just printed your "Lovely Lemons" recipes....which, by the way, works very well with my very Trendy last name :-)I love your love love your ideas...keep them coming! XOXO, Mary Lemons

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

Thanks Mary - yes I have always loved your last name!!

Meg said...

Sorry it took me forever to read this! We loved spending Easter with you, thanks again!