Saturday, May 9, 2009

Photo Shoot

Today we had a fun photo shoot held at our house
My friend Meg from church has a photography business she is working on growing (she took those fun pictures of me in my kitchen that I posted on my other blogs)

She does beautiful work - you can check more of her work here - I love the recent engagement photos she took - beautiful! And her shots of mothers and babies are precious

She called to ask if she could use our house for a photo shoot. She and her friend Jen who is also in our ward are working together. Jen does the makeup - she has a fun make up blog here -

and then Meg takes the photos.

They are working on developing their graduating senior market so they had four girls over to our house to photograph. It was so fun to watch them in action. They made each girl feel like a princess and look beautiful!

Here's Meg on the woodland path taking some photos.

And Jen working on the makeup.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Relief Society Week

I hit the ground running Monday morning after getting home from Utah.!

Think I need some relief from Relief Society this week!

Monday morning was Senior Sister Enrichment which I am over. I got up early to make some Challah bread as I was in charge of bread and butter. They had a nice program and luncheon.

Jim headed to Denver on Monday and was there through Wednesday and then spent Thursday in Seattle so we didn't see much of him this week.

Cali and Clark tried to settle into the boring life we lead around here - unlike college life where there is something going on 24/7 it seems!

We came home to a message on the phone that the UPS store up the street was interested in interviewing Cali for a job this summer - she went up and saw them Monday and starts tomorrow - yeah!

Clark returned to his job at Costco. Fortunately, right now he is not working the 4 a.m. shift! He finally got his suitcases unpacked this weekend - after being home almost a week.

Last Monday Logan and the Young Ambassadors left for Stockholm. We have heard from Logan a couple of times and I Gmail video chatted with him the other day - so fun! They are having an amazing time. lots of missionary opportunities.

The were able to take a tour of Hans Christian Anderson's home one of the days. We are anxious to hear from him again!

Thursday was my second Relief Society assignment with Stake Leadership - I made a yummy lemon dessert to serve to my department.

This weekend was our Stake Conference so Jim and I went to the temple on Friday night for Stake Temple night. Clark was working at Costco so joined us after work for dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Saturday morning I snuck off while everyone was at home doing chores to go to the big plant sale out in Canby. Got some beautiful flowers for my pots. (Jim surprised me with two new beautiful pots for an early Mother's Day - now I just need more flowers)

Saturday evening was my third RS assignment of the week - I was in charge of the dinner for the Stake Presidency, High Council, visiting general authority and their spouses. Everyone seemed to enjoy the dinner of Chicken Breast Supreme, rice pilaf, roasted vegetables and Key Lime cake for dessert.

By the time the adult session was over Saturday night I was ready for bed.

We had Stake Conference today - Sunday and I think I am ready for a nap!!

BYU Graduation

Do you think Logan was excited to graduate?

I know I did a fun little Smilebox post but wanted to share few more photos and some info on graduation.

Jim and I left for Utah on Wednesday morning - we drove. Since we were bringing Cali and Clark home with us and a lot of their stuff we needed to drive. Jim was afraid our Suburban wouldn't make it over the mountains ( I so need a new car!!!), our sweet neighbor Debbie O. offered to let us drive their Yukon to Utah.

We arrived in Provo Wednesday night in time to take the kids to dinner - yeah for Cafe Rio!

Thursday the boys all went golfing with Uncle David and I helped Cali load up all of her stuff, make a trip out to Emily's to drop off her winter stuff (thank you Emily and Wynn for letting us leave her stuff there) and then got her all moved out of her dorm. She passed her cleaning check - yeah!
The main commencement was Thursday afternoon at 4:00. Ever wonder what 6, 192 graduates looks like?

It was a wonderful ceremony with both Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Nelson speaking.

We took some fun pictures afterwards with Logan and his buddies - here are his two roommates Lane Olson and Mark Boothe

And the proud mothers!

And of course there was a proud papa too!

We had fun running around campus taking some photos!

We couldn't forget old Cosmos!

or Brigham Young After the Commencement ceremony on Thursday we headed over to Tucano's for dinner. It was also Clark's birthday so it was a double celebration! Actually we were celebrating Logan's birthday too so it was a triple celebration!

Friday morning we got up early to be at the De Jong concert hall at 7:00 a.m. for the college Commencement which began at 8:00 a.m.!

Elder Dallin H. Oaks was the speaker at this ceremony as he had three grandchildren graduating from the College of Communications.

Logan received his diploma at this ceremony! It's official!

And then there were more photo opps after this graduation ceremony!

The proud parents!

The proud family - we missed Tessa who couldn't miss school and some testing that was going on to come with us!

We hadn't eaten since we had gotten up so early so we headed to Magleby's to try and get some food - after a 45 minute wait and still no food we had to leave hungry. Clark had to get to work and Logan had an appointment up in Salt Lake with someone from the Church's PR department so we headed North with him - eating the Magleby's rolls they had given us for free since we didn't get our food!

While Logan was at the Joseph Smith Building for his appointment Jim headed over to the Church History museum and Cali and I went over to the Gateway Mall.

Friday night the boys watched the Blazer game over at Wynn and Emily's while the girls - Tricia, Eryn, Emily, Addy, Jacky, Brendy, Cali and Leigh Anne went out for a girls' night out dinner at Zupa's.

The cars were packed up Friday night (including Clark's white Volvo) and we headed out of town Saturday morning for home. Jim left about an hour before the rest of us in the white Volvo because we figured it wouldn't be able to go as fast and we would catch up with him.

Well, Jim ended up driving the entire way back to Portland by himself as we never caught up with him! I guess all those prayers for the white Volvo paid off and it made it safely home without any problems!

Thanks to David and Tricia for letting us stay with them while we were there and for housing some of Clark's stuff!

1,600 miles later we arrived safely home!!