Sunday, May 16, 2010


It was a week of glorious sunshine here in Portland!  We enjoyed blue skies and temperatures in the 70's all week.

Portland is weird and proud of it!  Some people even have bumperstickers encouraging us all to "Keep Portland Weird"  (including our hometeacher!!)  Well - one of the weird things about Portlanders is that as soon as the sun comes out and the thermometer hits 60 they pull out the shorts, tank tops and flip flops!!  I guess they are afraid they won't get an opportunity to wear them if they wait until it gets warmer!!

All week long I kept thinking what an unblog worthy week this had been.  Honestly, it was down right boring!  It seemed like all we did was work and go to school.  Tessa was on high stress alert as she had two AP tests this week.  She's glad that it's over.  She is in a One Act at school so has kept busy with rehearsals for that after school and she raked in the bucks again this weekend babysitting both Friday and Saturday night!

I had a CM heavy week with a meeting on Wednesday and a Get Together on Thursday and some conference calls thrown in. 

I tried something new this week though - I had my first acupuncture treatment.  I have been going to Physical Therapy for my elbows and trigger finger and they have gotten better but still not 100 percent so with some encouragement from Jim and my friend Debbie I gave it a try.

All went well and it didn't even hurt although I think Dr. "Joe" thought I was a little stressed out about it because he kept asking me if I was o.k.  He inserted needles into my neck, elbow and shoulder and then I layed on a table for almost an hour.  He said I might fall asleep but I didn't.  The needles in my neck ached quite a bit but after about 20 minutes I felt a total release of the pain and muscle - pretty cool.

I also felt a total sense of calm the rest of the day - think it would be worth getting the treatments just for that!  I now know why my neighbor goes in for monthly mental health "tuneups".  

I will probably need a few more treatments to totally eliminate the pain - will keep you posted.

The week did pick up a bit over the weekend and we did some blog worthy activities!

Saturday was a glorious day so we headed to the Farmer's Market for our first visit of the season.  Tessa told us she wanted to sleep in but when I went in to ask her if she was coming with us on Saturday morning she said yes! It was a perfect day for the Farmer's Market and Tessa was very glad she came. 

We started out with breakfast - the girl's opted for crepes...

Does it count as breakfast if it is covered in whip cream??
Jim went a little healthier and chose the omelet that is so big it would feed an entire small country.  We helped him out!!
We then did a little shopping and brought home some of these lovelies.....
and some of these....
and some of these....
We even did a little photo shoot for Tessa's blog - watch for her Farmer's Market shoot on Totally Tessa!!
After the trip to the Farmer's Market Jim came home to start cutting down one of the birch trees that had died (so sad!) and Tessa and I headed to the fabric store with our friend Meg and her little girl Addie.  We had so much fun helping Meg pick out fabrics for her quilt and I picked out some for a picnic quilt for us and Tessa picked some out for a skirt - she got this really fun vintage fabric that I can't wait to see how it turns out!

We also got some fabric remnants for a few craft projects including some rolled fabric flowers we are going to put on Tessa's skirt and a headband.  We were pretty hungry after all that shopping so we stopped for some pizza over near where we use to live -American Dream Pizza.

Tessa headed out to babysit for the evening and Jim and I went to the ward activity.  Spaghetti dinner and Melodrama - a fun, entertaining evening.  Our ward is famous for their melodramas and they do a great job - the costumes were amazing.

We are looking forward to enjoying a peaceful, sunny Sunday before the rains start again tomorrow!!