Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TaiPan Treasures

I just had to show off the treasures I found at Tai Pan Trading in Utah during my visit there this past weekend!

Thanks to Emily for going with me as I couldn't get any of my family to go with me! I guess they have taken one too many trips there with me!!

My favorite find was this fun little serving piece. I am a little addicted to serving pieces and just couldn't resist this one! I only found one of them on display and it had a chip on it but thanks to Emily's Eagle Eyes she found another one high up on top of a shelf with no chip - it was mine!!

Isn't it cute and it's my color - green!!

I found a few more fun things for my Easter decor...

I loved the vintage Easter print and it even had my word on it - Easter Joys!

I added a few wreaths to my collection too.

A spring one...

and one that I can use anytime.... love the pears!

and I could resist adding a few things to my Valentine decor.

A fun vintage banner that I hung in our kitchen nook....

and I couldn't resist these fun heart tags. Not sure how I am going to use them but I hung a few of them on my kitchen window underneath the banner..

Good thing the closest Tai Pan Trading is in Utah!!! Danger!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Logan's Fan Club

Here are a few pictures of Logan's Fan Club. There were lots of cute college girls congratulating Logan after the show this weekend but his biggest fans are his family!

and his biggest #1 Fan - HIS MOTHER who got a little emotional at the end of the show. The show ends with a beautiful song from The Color Purple which got me going and then they sang I Am a Child of God and the fact that this was the last time we would see Logan perform as a Young Ambassador was all just a little too much!!

Although his father may fight me on being his biggest fan since he saw the show 3 times this week and I only saw it twice!

And then there are his two sisters who adore him!

And here are two of his youngest fans! Addie and Jacki. The girls watch the DVD of the YA's over and over again! Jacki knows the words to all the songs! After the show on Saturday night Jim helped Emily out to the car with all the girls and guess what was playing in the CD player - the Young Ambassador's!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Qwirkle Anyone?

One of families favorite games to play is Qwirkle. It is Scrabble meets Dominos. We play it a lot. I think it Jim's favorite game, although now that he has learned how to play Settler's of Catan that may be a close second! Clark bought his own copy to have at college.

We bought another copy while in Utah this weekend for The Wynn Wilkes' Jr. family as a thank you for letting us stay with them. We had fun teaching them how to play!

Utah Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend in Utah!

There was a lot of hugging and mugging going on!

Jim flew to SLC on Thursday for some business appointments. Thanks to his frequent trips on Southwest Tessa and I were able to fly to SLC on Friday.

We stayed at Wynn and Emily's and I think we were the first guests in the newly completed basement - everything looked great and the bed was very comfortable. Thanks for letting us stay! We love you!

The girls had lots of fun with the kids too!

And we enjoyed chips and salsa from Los Hermanos with Addie!

Tessa spent Friday night with Cali in her dorm room. They both managed to sleep together in Cali's twin bed!

Tessa is not sure how she is going to like sleeping in a small twin bed when she goes to college after sleeping in her "Princess" queen sized bed!

This week was deJong week for the Young Ambassadors - it is the one time during the school year that they perform on campus at BYU. Since this was our last time to see Logan perform as a Young Ambassador we couldn't miss the opportunity!

The show was also taped by BYU TV so those of you who get that channel may want to watch the schedule for it!

Jim saw the show Thursday night along with Grandma and Grandpa Wilkes and Dave and Tricia before they flew to Arizona on Friday for Mark and Celeste's temple sealing.

Our whole family attended the show Friday night. Of course it was amazing and Logan was terrific!

We also saw the show Saturday night too. Prior to the Saturday night show we were able to join the cast and crew backstage in the Green Room for their preshow devotional. Logan was conducting and speaking. It was an amazing experience and one that left his mother in tears!

We couldn't take photos during the show but here is one of them warming up prior to the show!

Of course no trip to Utah would be complete without at least one trip to Cafe Rio (we made two this trip) and a visit to Tai Pan Trading (thanks to Emily for going with me) and then there was the stop at Smart Cookie and after show treats at Brick Oven Pizza.

We also found a fun new bakery where we enjoyed some yummy cupcakes and sugar cookies - Sweet Tooth Fairy!

The whole family attended church this morning at Logan's ward - it was nice to go all together. Thanks to Clark for volunteering to get up early to go with us! We stayed for all three hours so Jim could go to Priesthood with Logan where he was teaching the lesson. We headed to the airport right after church.

It's good to be home but I miss my college kids already!!