Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Cali has always loved to dress up.
When she was a little girl she use to love to wear her brother's clothes (these are Clark's pajamas and my shoes)
And she always had a crazy hat or two on! I actually think those are her brother's underwear on her legs!

She loved dressing up for fun or for a performance - here she is as a Candy Kid!

And then her roles got a little bit more sophisticated and she dressed up a lot in high school for various performances!

And then she went off to college. Why should I be surprised to see pictures like these show up on her Facebook page - Cali still likes to dress up and she has found some friends that like to dress up with her!

I guess this is what I get when I actually buy her gold lame leggings!!! They just shouted CALI when I saw them on the rack!

And then the latest dress up picture from their night at the roller rink this last weekend! No wonder all those middle school boys got excited when some of the girls asked them to skate during the Couples Skate!!

Despite all the crazy dress up Cali likes to do - she cleans up good! We love our Crazy Cali Girl!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Has Arrived!

We think Spring is here - at least for now! The daffodils and crocus' are blooming and it's raining!

After a couple of days of sunshine Jim decided it was time for the annual Mulching of the Garden.

He ordered a truck load of mulch to be delivered on Friday - only afterwards discovering that four days of rain were in the forecast!

He called over to let his Mulch Helper (aka Declan) know it was on it's way!

Jim spent most of Friday afternoon spreading mulch, trying to beat the rain. He not only enlisted the help of Declan this year but got all the little boys in the neighborhood to join in (there was no school), at least for an hour or so!
What is it about little boys and dirt?

Tessa and I tried hard to keep ourselves scarce so we didn't have to help! We headed to the mall!

There is still half a pile of mulch in the driveway - any volunteers??