Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Patrice

The Beach Babes gathered last week to celebrate the milestone birthday of Patrice - she turned 60!

As always there is lots of good food - I brought a raspberry brie appetizer and a artichoke spinach dip.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner on Shauna's beautiful deck.  Enjoying a glorious Portland evening.
To celebrate this milestone birthday Patrice wants to go to Las Vegas so come October the Beach Babes are headed to Las Vegas - can't wait!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keep Portland Weird

We did our best to help support keeping Portland weird last week.

Along with our friends the Jensens and Gary Nees we supported Last Thursday which happens over on NE Alberta each month - on the last Thursday of the month.

Let's just say it is the crowning jewel of Portland's weirdness and I love it.

We decided to be adventuresome and check out a food cart in North Portland for dinner.  The neighborhood was a bit sketchy but the food was great.  We watched them make the tortillas right there in the food cart.  Gary enjoyed using his spanish to order his dinner.

Larry and Jim couldn't stop chewing long enough to have their picture taken.  The food was great. 

From there we headed over to explore Last Thursday and the culinary options available there too.
The Mexican corn looked delicious but we didn't partake.

We did go for some locally made ice cream from Fifty Licks.  I had the maple bacon ice cream which was delicious, with little pieces of bacon in it.

I think my favorite thing was the people on stilts.  I want to be one!

There were lots of various bands, musical groups.  This one was a bit crazy.  They had two, not one, accordion players and a great big green bug that played some kind of piano guitar!

Loved the Flamenco dancers.
It's also fun to check out all the vendors there to sell their homemade wares.  How about a coffin bike?

Jim was seriously checking out the wheel barrow bike!
And then we saw some cute little gnomes.  This is where we got the inspiration last year for the girl's Halloween costumes!!

You never know what you are going to see at Last Thursday and that's half the fun of it!!