Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Social Etiquette

Last week Tessa was in a One Act at school.  The name of their one act was Social Etiquette.  Basically she was a fashion school student who goes to the apartment of a fellow student.  She thinks the guy is gay so isn't worried about anything but he's not and he wants to put the moves on her.

  His strange and eccentric parents live there and lots of crazy things happen - a little random but funny!  There is some strange noises, dancing on the couch and fruit throwing!

Here's some photos from the show.

Then the crazy parents come out to play!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hard at Work

Just to let you know what Jim and Tessa were doing while I was away in Utah:

Our birch trees came down with some type of bug and our tall, beautiful birch trees are dying.  Jim has been cutting them down, one by one - so sad.    It's hard work and he is really missing his boys!

Since all it has done around here is rain it is  very wet, muddy work too!  Our backyard is a swamp!

Yes, he removed thise huge root balls all by himself - what a man!!

Excuse the blurry photos, Tessa took them on her phone.

Tessa needed to rack up some hours for National Honor Society this week so she and Jim spent all day Saturday working on  a house for Habitat for Humanity.  Fortunately it didn't rain too much because they spent the day outside putting Tyvek on the house!!

They did all this while I was enjoying time with the boys in Utah and eating Cafe Rio for lunch and yummy cake for dessert!! 

Weekend in Utah

I look for any excuse to go to Utah.

Earlier this year I read about a blogging conference to be held in Sandy.  I entered a giveaway to win a free ticket to the conference and I won.  I was so excited.  So this last Thursday I flew to Utah to attend the conference and see my boys!!

My friend Carol Rice (she was my original upline with CM) picked me up at the airport.  She was going to the conference too and her company Cherished Bound was one of the sponsors.  I always enjoy my time with Carol so much and it seems like we always just pick up where we left off even if it has been several years!

We enjoyed attending the conference together and I learned a lot.  Friday night the boys meet me in Sandy and we went to dinner in downtown SLC at Settebello's - one of my blog readers had recommended it.  It was a yummy pizza place - very authentic Italian pizza.  We managed to finish 3 pizzas!!

From there we went to the Conference Center Theater to see the Young Ambassador show.  Clark thought his YA watching days were over!  It was fun to see the show, a few new numbers from last year when Logan was in it and I still recognized some faces.  Afterwards we went with Logan's roommate Lane who was also at the show and had some frozen yogurt over at Gateway.

Saturday was more blogging conference and then Carol and I took our boys out for dessert Saturday night to The Chocolate - so good!  I love their vanilla cake.

I stayed at Wynn and Emily's and of course loved seeing these cute little faces!!

And we had a little tickle fest

Addie and Jacky even posed for me a bit.
  Jacky liked showing off her toothless mouth!  She lost another tooth while I was there!

Such cute sisters!
Miss Addy even let me take her picture.

Cousin Logan came over for a visit too!  I went to church with Logan Sunday morning (man, single wards are quiet) and then he joined us lunch over at Wynn and Emiilys.

A fun weekend!