Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week in Review/General Conference/An Engagement

This week started out with an 8 mile run for me on Monday.  Yes, I still can't quite believe it myself but I actually ran 8 miles.  If you had told me a year ago that I would be able to run 8 miles I would have laughed and told you, you were crazy.  But I did it and 9 miles is on the agenda for next week.  Wish me luck.

Tuesday I talked Jim into seeing The Hunger Games since it was Five Dollar Tuesday at the Movie Theater.  He hadn't read the book but really enjoyed the movie although he thought the people in the Capitol were all quite strange.I loved the movie.
Wednesday was Relief Society day and Jim had a little minor surgery.  He had some basal cell removed from the top of his head several weeks ago but there were still some cells in the margins so they sent him to a plastic surgeon who took a good size divot out of the top of his head.  The incision was about two inches across and two layers of stitches.  I took a photo but I"ll spare you all the visual.  It was conveniently located in his bald spot so they didn't have to shave much hair!

Thursday my mom and dad came over and we got some more work done on the old family pictures.  We have been putting them all into albums and getting them journaled.  I think we're almost done!  It feels so good to have them in a nice organized place.

Friday we hosted a fun dinner party with a few other couples. The party was sponsored by a new product.  Yeah, I actually got paid to put on a party!  I will be blogging about it later on the blog - it was so fun and lots of yummy food so you'll have to watch for that post.

Having good friends and good food always makes for a good evening.
It did a lot of raining this week and we now have a small lake in the backyard.  My umbrella came in very handy a lot this week!

Saturday morning the exciting news that Clark and Jessica would be getting married this summer was made official.  Logan, Cali and Tessa helped him set up the scene with a breakfast picnic on the dock at Utah Lake and they then hid in the car and watched from a distance.  They called us on the phone and gave us a blow by blow of what was happening.  Very fun.  Tessa took photos and once I get some of those I'll do a post with 

We're glad Jessica said yes and the only casualty of the morning was that somehow Cali's phone ended up at the bottom of Utah Lake.  Fortunately we had a free upgrade available and her phone was soon replaced!
It was General Conference weekend and we loved watching all of the sessions live.  I worked on a pillow order from my etsy shop as we listened - I had a customer order 20 pillows so I created quite a pile of pillows!

Saturday evening Jim and Larry Jensen took Tom Emmett, who they home teach to the Priesthood Session and I went and hung out with my friend Meg and her kids.  We had fun visiting and brainstorming and I had fun holding the baby while she made cinnamon rolls.
 Meg was sweet enough to send some home with me.  I always make cinnamon rolls on General Conference but had decided that since it was just Jim and I that I wasn't going to.  Thanks to Meg we didn't have a cinnamon roll less conference!  They were yummy.

We enjoyed them with some hot chocolate as we watched Sunday morning session.

 After the Priesthood session Jim and I went out to dinner.  I got to choose so I chose Noodles, one of my favorite local westside restaurants.

We split my favorite pasta dish and some cheesy garlic bread.  Yum!  We had a green salad too so it was healthy!
 We went home and watched an episode of Miss Marple, our latest favorite BBC show.

Sunday we lounged around and listened to conference and just enjoyed a quiet, low key day of spiritual reinforcement.  I needed it.

Easter Decor

For posterity sake (not sure why they really need to know) I thought I'd post some pictures of my Easter decor.  It's on my other blog but wanted it here on the family blog too.  For posterity sake.