Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mary and Bert

Since there were no kids home to dress up Jim and I decided or rather I decided that someone needed to dress up so it would have to be us.  Fortunately for me, Jim was a good sport!

We have decided, or rather I have decided, that this should be a yearly tradition and that we should dress up as some famous couple each year.  I am taking suggestions for next year.

Here we are "Practically Perfect in every way!"

Halloween Costumes

I have to say I especially miss my kids on holidays.  I always loved making Halloween costumes for them!   

Fortunately, I still got to help a bit this year.  Tessa didn't need my help though - she figured hers out all by herself.  She looked pretty darling as Pippi Longstocking!

Cali was invited to a party where everyone needed to come dressed as a comic book character - she chose Super Girl.

She found a cute little skirt at Target and I was able to find her a blue shirt, a Super Girl logo (really Super Man), and the best find of all was the red boots!  They were perfect and only $5.00.  I actually found them at Goodwill about an hour before I left to fly out to Utah.  Talk about timing!  The red cape was the one we had used when one of the girls dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.
  She looked pretty Super to me!!


 Clark asked for some ideas for something for he and Jessica to dress up.  I had decided Jim and I were going to be Mary Poppins and Bert so I suggested it to them too.  I made a few trips to Goodwill to find pieces for their costumes and for ours.  I took most of it with me when I went to Utah for Cali's show.  I looked pretty funny walking through the airport with a Mary Poppins hat and a chimney sweep (which was really a witches broom)  I had someone ask me if I was "flying" home.  I didn't get it at first and said, no I'm going to Utah but then I got it!  Ha Ha

They looked pretty cute and I am sure they were pretty much the hit of the law school that day.
I guess Logan's too old to dress up for Halloween???

Pumpking Carving}Utah

So the kids did some pumpkin carving of their own.  Thank goodness for Facebook so I actually get to see pictures of it!  Clark was a good boy and emailed his mom a picture!

Tessa didn't have her dad to clean out the guts of her pumpkin this year - she had to do it herself!

They showed some school spirit with their pumpkin.

 Cali's Family Home Evening group did a little pumpkin carving too.

I guess Logan is too old for pumpkin carving....

Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Sunday night we invited our empty nester friends, the Jensens, over to join us for a little empty nester pumpkin carving.

We introduced them to a few new pumpkin carving techniques. 

The first one is power tools...

Jim loves any excuse to use a power tool and pumpkin carving is one of them.  Marsha wasn't too sure about the whole thing - but it works great!
 Jim and Larry got the job of cleaning all the goo out of the pumpkins!

The second pumpkin carving tool we introduced them too were those cool pumpkin carving patterns you can buy.  Just trace the pattern on and carve away.

I made a batch of yummy cinnamon sugar raised doughnuts and apple cider for treats.
Jim warned them that they would have to follow the Wilkes family tradition and sit on the floor in front of your freshly carved pumpkin.  The best part of it all was watching Jim try to get down on the floor!

We are grateful for good friends. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Alpine Loop

While I was in Utah the girls and I went for a Sunday drive on the Alpine Loop.  It was past it's prime but it was still beautiful.  We stopped lots along the way to take photos.