Friday, October 22, 2010

Thongs Being Delivered

So someone is asking Tessa to Homecoming.  The only problem is we don't know who it is.

Today, in three of her classes a different item was delivered.

First, a holey sponge with the word brain written on it.

Second, a wooden heart

Third, a wooden lion with the word courage written on it.

Are you seeing a theme yet?

The theme for Homecoming is The Wizard of Oz.  Tessa found out that a pair of ruby slippers were suppose to be delivered to her also but since she was in seminary that hour they didn't get to her.  In the slippers is the name of the person who is asking her to Homecoming!  Guess we will just have to wait until tomorrow.

So what does thongs being delivered have to do with all of this??

I texted Cali this afternoon to tell her Tessa was being asked to Homecoming.  I also texted her that "thongs were being delivered."  I meant to say "things are being delivered"  But thanks to my amazing texting skills and bad eye sight I made a typo.

Cali called Tessa this evening to ask her why "thongs were being delivered" to Tessa?  We just cracked up laughing when we realized my typo!    So no, Tessa did not have any thongs delivered to her in class today - just "things"  but we sure got a good laugh out of it!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Usually we carve the pumpkins we grow in our own garden.  This year the pumpkin crop was rather small - in fact it was almost non-existent.  We grew one medium size pumpkin and three mini pumpkins - that's it!

So we headed to QFC to buy pumpkins.  Fortunately they had huge pumpkins for only four dollars each - what a deal!!

Of course Jim had the job of cleaning the pumpkins out!  The girls just don't like to touch that pumpkin goop!
The girls each selected the pattern they wanted to use.
Tessa did a ghost and Cali did an owl.

We had hot chocolate to go with our pumpkin carving.

Tessa was very proud of herself because she carved her whole pumpkin by herslef this year.  Usually she decides she can't finish it and mom ends up finishing it - this was a milestone pumpkin carving year for her!

Two cute girls and their pumpkins.
Tessa was so proud of her pumpkin she had to have it's picture taken all by itself.

This was a little early for pumpkin carving but we wanted to do it while Cali was home so the pumpkins are now in the refrigerator in the garage hoping that will prolong their life a bit - we'll see if they last until Halloween!

A Weekend with Cali

A weekend with Cali is always a good thing.

She hasn't been gone an hour yet and we already miss her.  Tessa just came into my office and said - "this weekend went too fast".  It did go too fast.  Cali was only home for 36 hours and we tried to enjoy every minute of it and soak up as much "Cali girl" as we could!
Cali drove home from Provo with friends from BYU -I for the wedding of one of their good friends - a member of "The Crew".  Cali found a ride to Boise on the ride board at BYU.  She didn't tell us this until she got home but the gal she got a ride with is from Russia and still awaiting all of her papers and thus she doesn't have a driver's license.  She has a car though.  The gal was performing in Boise.  Cali drove all the way to Boise.

Cali  met up with her friends in Boise and they spent the night at one of their friend's homes.  They drove the rest of the way to Portland on Friday arriving in the afternoon.

Cali wanted chinese food for dinner (she says there are no good chinese places in Provo? Is that true you Provoites??)  After that we came home and watched a movie but Cali fell asleep so she had to rewatch the ending - Letters from Juliet which was cute but a little sappy at the end!

Saturday morning Cali headed to the temple to be there when the bride and groom came out and for pictures. Her friends Kat and Brittany were there too.

 The bride and groom.  The bride is 5'2" and the groom is 6'7".  Megan is going to develop some strong neck muscles!

   The Crew (minus 3)  Kat - Megan - Brittany - Cali

 We met Cali at the mall after she was done at the Temple for a little girl time.  Cali needed some new makeup and we picked up some fun accessories at Forever Love.  The girls found some cute knee socks to wear with their boots and a few other things of course!

Tessa, Cali and I headed out to the wedding reception at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course.  After a few calls trying to figure out where we were and how to get there we found it. It was a nice reception.

We then went over to Ether, one of our favorite little shoe stores to get Cali an early birthday present.  She decided she really liked Tessa's gray oxford shoes and so we got her a pair too.  Happy Birthday Cali.  We picked up a pizza from Escape from NY Pizza and went home. 

Jim had been busy painting the house all day - taking advantage of our beautiful weather.  It's looking great (except for the little bit of dry rot he discovered in one place - the joys of living in the NW) 

Even though it is a little early, Cali wanted to carve pumpkins (separate post coming on this) so we did that and I made a couple of batches of treats for Cali to take back to the boys!

Cali left this morning.  She is driving back to Provo with the brother of the groom so we invited him to come for breakfast (waffles) this morning before they headed out.

We miss you Cali!!