Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Usually we carve the pumpkins we grow in our own garden.  This year the pumpkin crop was rather small - in fact it was almost non-existent.  We grew one medium size pumpkin and three mini pumpkins - that's it!

So we headed to QFC to buy pumpkins.  Fortunately they had huge pumpkins for only four dollars each - what a deal!!

Of course Jim had the job of cleaning the pumpkins out!  The girls just don't like to touch that pumpkin goop!
The girls each selected the pattern they wanted to use.
Tessa did a ghost and Cali did an owl.

We had hot chocolate to go with our pumpkin carving.

Tessa was very proud of herself because she carved her whole pumpkin by herslef this year.  Usually she decides she can't finish it and mom ends up finishing it - this was a milestone pumpkin carving year for her!

Two cute girls and their pumpkins.
Tessa was so proud of her pumpkin she had to have it's picture taken all by itself.

This was a little early for pumpkin carving but we wanted to do it while Cali was home so the pumpkins are now in the refrigerator in the garage hoping that will prolong their life a bit - we'll see if they last until Halloween!


Anonymous said...

What fun memories you create each day. Glad Cali could come home for a visit. What fun pumpkins! Hugs from WA! Tamara

Patti said...

I've heard if you rub vaseline on the cut parts of the pumpkin they'll last longer. Perhaps a wive's tale? But perhaps worth a try if you have vaseline lingering around somewhere.