Monday, January 18, 2010

Back at Home

So now that I've updated everyone on the college kids I thought you might want to know what we've been doing here at home.  When Tessa saw me starting this post she asked, "What have we been doing around here?"

Well, nothing as exciting as flying down to LA for a football game in the Rose Bowl - that's for sure.
We have managed to fit in a lot of meetings though.  I've had 5 new 2nd Counselors in Relief  Society to orient on top of a Girl's Camp craft meeting, and several other meetings!  It was a meeting packed week!  Jim went to Cub Pack Meeting as the ward's new Cub Committee Chair - they made paper airplanes.  He invited me to go along with him but I declined.  An evening home by myself, Tessa was at a school concert, was much more appealing than Cub Pack Meeting!

I also spent a lot of time sewing this week on costumes for the high school musical - Guys and Dolls.  I am sewing for Tessa (she has four costumes) and I am also sewing for two of her friends.  I got their blouses for one dance number done and sewed up few sample tops for another number for all the girl's to try on for sizes.  I've got a bag full of more to sew up this week.  I've also started a quilt for Clark, my goal is to make at least one quilt for each of my children by the time they graduate from college so I only have a few months left to get Clark's done!

One of our new goals (I guess it is my goal for Jim and I) is to try a new breakfast place every Saturday, or as many Saturdays as we can.  Going out to breakfast is a little easier on the budget than dinner!  Last week it was Mother's Bistro and this week we checked out Screen Door.  Tessa was sleeping over at a friend's so she missed out!

When we arrived at 9:00 a.m., the time they opened we were greeted by this.

The doors opened and we made it into the lobby area but not to a table.  It took about an hour to get a table but I had brought a book along with me and we were out of the rain so we didn't mind..  We met some nice people too, they gave me a few other breakfast spot recommendations.  The wait was worth it though because the food was delicious.
I had an amazing praline bacon waffle - yum!  Jim had a yummy egg scramble with pesto and tomatoes.

Their biscuits were quite delicious also.

But the most amazing thing of all was this  - their speciality  - the fried chicken on a sweet potato waffle.  Yes this is on the breakfast menu.  We didn't order it but loved watching them deliver it to the tables that did.  We know we will definitely be bringing Clark back here when he is home because he is going to love it!
The waffle comes with 3-4 large fried chicken breasts on top of it!
I had to get a picture of it for Clark so I went up to a total stranger and asked if I could take a picture of his chicken.  I was in a hurry because I didn't want to bug them too much so my picture is out of focus but you can get the idea!

So, Clark - breakfast at the Screen Door next time you're home!!

College Kid Update

So here is an update on the other two college kids or rather the two college kids - Clark and Cali.

Clark has been studying hard and assures me he is getting a date or two in each week.  This past weekend he headed up to Salt Lake with some buddies to watch a snowboarding exhibition/competition or something!

Clark isn't much of a picture taker these days so I have to steal photos off his friend's Facebook page to share!!

Look's fun!

Cali keeps busy too with school, work (she cleans 3 days a week for people), dance rehearsal and a date this week:)
A couple of weeks ago one of her good friends came down to Provo from BYU-I for a visit.  They got together with another friend from Portland and had a fun sleepover!  When the three of them get together it always leads to some random craziness!
Yes I know this picture is upside down but that's how it was on her Facebook page!

A fun girl's weekend!

Dinner at Olive Garden

National Championship Football

I need to do a little catch up on the college kids - o.k. so I'm not sure what to call Logan.  Technically he's not in college anymore but it sounds funny to say working kid so I'm just going to refer to the three of them as the college kids!! Any other suggestions?  Guess I could just call him Logan!

On Jan. 7th Logan, along with his roommates Lane and Mark and Mark's sister Annalece flew down to LA to attend the National Championship Football game at the Rose Bowl. 

A big thank you to their friend Alane Fraser who made it all possible! 

They were there to support and cheer on Alabama.  Logan even had his Alabama, houndstooth hat on!

As you can imagine they had an amazing time.  Logan was in heaven!!

It was fun to watch a game in such a historic venue as the Rose Bowl almost as good as being in Yankee Stadium!

It was a real celebration when Alabama won!

They toured around LA in this fun little convertible...

They got to spend Friday at Disneyland - a big thank you to Lane's friend who bought their tickets for them!!

And then on Saturday they headed down to Santa Monica Pier before they headed to the airport.

This was one trip Logan won't soon forget!