Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

The weather was beautiful in Portland this weekend - it was  perfect Spring weather. It was actually warm.

Friday night we went out for a burger and fries at Five Guys and then home for a movie.

 Jim and I made a trip to Home Depot (actually two trips) on Saturday to get some wood to build a prototype for a carnival booth.  We have decided to have a carnival for the wedding reception here in Portland - it's going to be fun!!

Saturday afternoon I also cooked baked beans for 200 people for a wedding reception that evening.  The daughter of one of the family's Jim home teaches was getting married.  It was a fun wedding reception with a cute country theme.  They even had a s'more bar.  They had made a really fun cabinet that housed 3 hot plates that your roasted the marshmallows over.  They had four different kinds of homemade marshmallows.  Very fun!

Sunday was Easter and I was pretty sure the Easter Bunny was going to pass right over our house since there were no kids home but I was wrong.  Jim got up early to go to Bishopric and when I woke up I found an Easter basket waiting for me at the top of the stairs and a maze of string through the downstairs.

 I guess the Easter Bunny didn't know where I hid the Easter candy because all of the eggs were empty but there was a nice little present at the end of the string for me!

We had a nice morning of meetings at church and after church we joined our friends the Jensens, Appels and Ann Gibney for Easter dinner.

Good friends and good food.

Larry and Marsha - our host and hostess.

The Easter Bunny and me!

Easter Egg Dying

This was our first Easter without kids at home since before we had kids!  It felt a little strange.

There was no one to dye Easter eggs with me.  I really could have passed on the whole Easter egg dying thing but then I found this idea on Pinterest using natural dyes to color eggs.  I wanted to try it so I borrowed some kiddos - Owen and Addi Daines were my helpers.  I made dyes by boiling various vegetables and teas.  I used red cabbage, blueberries, red onions, yellow onions, black teas and even some spices like tumeric.

 We got some really fun subtle, natural colors.
 The kids also used some food coloring to dye some of the eggs so we did end up with some brighter eggs too.

Me and my helpers!

I really loved the way they turned out - I had to do a little photo shoot with them when I got them home.

Jim's got a lot of hard boiled eggs to eat!!