Saturday, October 30, 2010


Tessa's Homecoming Group decided to meet at our house before they headed over to Macaroni Grill for dinner and then onto the school for the dance.

Tessa and her date Spiro looked darling together.

 This is just a fake out picture - I had to pin the boutonniere on.  In fact, I had to pin them on all the boys!

 They got a little silly!

 Here's the rest of their group - minus one boy who was running late!

Getting Ready

Getting ready for Homecoming took the better part of today.  Tessa spent a little bit of time over at the work party at school but then headed home to start the getting ready process.

We found out yesterday Tessa was in charge of the decorations for a Stake Youth Halloween/service project that was today.  She was a little too stressed and busy getting ready for the dance so Jim and I grabbed some of my Halloween decor, bought a bunch of pumpkins at the grocery store and got two dozen orange and black balloons from Party City and headed over to the Stake Center while she showered.

Our friend Jenn, who is a makeup artist arrived at 1:30 to do her makeup.

Jenn did a great job and highlighted Tessa's natural beauty!

 Then it was on to the hair! Tessa had had her bangs cut and reshaped earlier in the week and decided to just wear her hair down - nothing fancy - just her natural, beautiful self!

 The finished project - gorgeous!!

The Homecoming Dress

This last week has been a little wild and crazy to say the least.  The only time I had available to go Homecoming dress shopping with Tessa was last Friday after school.  We had about two hours.

We headed across town to our favorite vintage shop in Southeast Portland - Xtabay.  It is a very nice vintage shop and it is where Tessa found one of the dresses for her senior picture.

She tried on a few dresses that didn't fit (those vintage dresses are SMALL) and then we saw this pretty emerald green one.  It was a 1950's dress and was gorgeous.  She tried it on and it fit PERFECT!!!  It was beautiful and modest.  But we thought we shouldn't buy a dress at the first place we stopped - that would be TOO EASY - no, we needed to go look a few more places so we headed over to North Alberta to another vintage shop we liked.  No luck there and we were running out of time. 

We decided we really loved that green dress and so I called the shop and asked them to hold it for us.  We met Jim for a quick dinner over on North Mississippi at a new pizza place and then had to get back across the river so Tessa could be at Love and Laughter and I had a ton of cooking to do to get ready for the bridal shower I was doing the next day.  I went back to the get the dress the next day.

But we were excited because we had a dress.  We had a gorgeous dress and it fit her perfect and was modest - no alterations necessary!  She already owned a pair of shoes that would look perfect with it and we decided it didn't need any jewelry, that it was gorgeous enough on it's own.  I picked up a pretty emerald green pashmina shawl for her to wear since it would probably be chilly.

Warning:  There are a lot of pictures.  I just couldn't help myself - she looked so beautiful!!

So here's the dress - isn't it perfect?!  She looks like she just came out of the Emerald City!

The Answer

So there has been a lot going on around here since I last blogged - 4 parties to be exact!  I have a lot of pictures to post and things to share but first I thought I should follow up on the last post - where thongs were being delivered.  No really, things.

Tessa did finally find out who was asking her to Homecoming.  The next morning, in choir a small pair of red ruby slippers were delivered with a note.

"If you  had a BRAIN you would find it in your HEART to go to Homecoming with me.  I worked up the COURAGE to ask you and "there's no place like home"...coming.

Spiro (a friend of Tessa's who is also in drama.  He was Skye Masterson in Guys and Dolls)

How cute is that!

So we had to do something cute and clever to answer him and we wanted it to go along with Wizard of Oz theme.

Tessa and I went to the Halloween shop and found some emerald green sun glasses and then to the Dollar Store for some green balloons.

We cute some bricks out of yellow paper.

The drama department was having a "Love and Laughter" show at school on Friday night and Spiro was performing.  She knew he would be warming up in one of the rooms before the show so she made a yellow brick path from the door of the rehearsal room down the hall.
At the end of the yellow brick road were the green balloons and glasses with a note

The little Agent code names goes back to MORP last year.  They went together and he dressed up like a toucan and she was a penguin.  (It was a zoo theme or something!?)

 Now it was onto find the dress.....