Friday, February 18, 2011

Hairspray Rehearsal

It is less than two weeks to opening night for Hairspray.  Rehearsals are intense and long.

I spent a little time at the school today helping out in the costume shop so I brought my camera along and took a few photos as they rehearsed the Big Doll House number (when they are all in jail).

It's looking good to me!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

So we have been celebrating Valentine's Day since Friday at our house.

A box full of 30 beautiful tulips arrived at my door Friday afternoon - one for each year we have been married.

We started with the Thespian Troupe Valentine's Day mixer at our house.  It's always fun to have a house full of nice teenagers.  They had fun eating cupcake fondue...
I pulled out all my pink/heart themed paper, craft items etc. and they made Valentine cards.  I was surprised how much they enjoyed this and how many of them did it!  They then had fun hanging out, playing the piano and playing the Wii dance thing we have - can't remember it's name.

Jim and I hid out upstairs making our rounds about ever hour.  We watched the movie Salt which we really enjoyed.  I am not an  Angelina Jolie fan but we both really liked it.

Saturday morning I got up early to start cooking for the work party lunch over at the high school.  They have work parties for the play each Saturday and the parents take turns cooking for all the workers.  My friend Anne and I did a taco bar and it was a big hit.  We also did the fitting on all of Tessa's costumes and I just have a few minor fixes and they are done - yeah!!

Saturday night Jim and I went out to dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day a bit early.  Jim was in charge of finding the place and he did a great job.  We went to a quaint little place over near where we use to live, just off Hawthorne.  The ambiance was great and the food delicious.  I especially loved their table decor.  The tables were covered in white paper and they had stamped  and written all kinds of fun Valentine greetings - so cute.  I'm going to have to remember that one!

After dinner we stopped in at Buffalo Exchange which is a resale shop, it was right across from the restaurant.  I scored big time when I found a skirt from Anthropologie that I had fallen in love with last year but it's price tag of 158 dollars was just way too much, even when it went on half price it was too expensive.  I was so excited to find the exact skirt, in my size for only thirty dollars at the store!  Score!!!

Sunday morning we continued the Valentine celebration.  We decided to have Valentine breakfast on Sunday since school mornings are just too hard for Tessa.

I made crepes and we filled them with strawberries, bananas, nutella and whip cream.  Yum!  Jim built a fire and we ate in front of the fire.

Tessa and I did a fun little Valentine's photo shoot for her blog.

Tessa wanted to take Valentine's to some of her friends so I made a batch of heart shaped sugar cookies and put them in individual little bags.  Turned out cute.

I'm fixing my Valentine a "man meal" tonight - steak, potato, asparagus, fried avocado (thanks to Clark and Lizzy for trying it out), homemade artisian bread, spinach salad and some chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. 

Missing my other Valentine's in Provo - love you guys and girl!!!