Monday, July 7, 2008

Back from our Week at the Beach

We're home. Actually we got home on Saturday but it's taken me a few days to return to normal life - i.e. get caught up on laundry, email, work etc.

We had a great week - the weather was O.K. We had two beautiful sunny days and the rest were overcast and in the high 60's, low 70's - not terrible, not great. We had a bit of rain on the 4th but not during the parade or the fireworks. It rained all day Saturday but that was the day we left so that was o.k.

Clark, Cali, Tessa and I left for the beach last Saturday, arriving just in time to unload the car and head to Marzano's, our favorite pizza place at the beach for dinner. Jim stayed behind to pick up Logan at the airport and they then drove out later that evening.

The best part of the whole week was this -

Having my whole family together!!

On Sunday we hung out at the house, went to the little branch in Neahkahnie, watched a movie and played games.

Monday morning Jim drove Cali back into Portland so she could attend the Thespian Lake Trip to Lake Merwin - I think he should get some kind of award for this (I would have just told her she had to miss it!) He then drove back to the beach. Tessa and I spent the day browsing the quilt shop and antique shops in Wheeler while Clark stayed at the house and read - he is enjoying reading the works of CS Lewis this summer.

Logan then drove back into Portland Monday night to pick up Becca at the airport and to bring Cali back - they arrived late - around midnight.

We had a great week - we couldn't talk the other kids into it but one morning Jim, Logan, Becca and I drove down to Tillamook and hiked Cape Lookout (5 miles round trip) You hike out the cape and end up with an incredible view of the ocean at the end of the cape. The only thing that was a little unsettling was the sign at the beginning of the hike that instructed you what to do if you see a bear - you are suppose to look big - that may be a problem for some of us :)!

After the hike the other kids met us in Tillamook where we visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory for lunch and of course - ice cream!

The 3 boys, Becca and I went golfing one day. This was only the second time Becca had ever golfed and she did great! She can really hit the ball! The big excitement of the day was when Logan came within 3 inches of a hole in one!

We took the tandem bike down with us and the girl's had fun riding it into town to get ice cream.

They also decorated it with stars and rode it down to the parade on the 4th of July

Becca also had her first crabbing experience while visiting.

Another favorite activity was RockBand that Hannah brought with her.

Of course we spent time on the beach too - reading, coloring, playing Bongo ball, building sandcastles, visiting the tide pools and having bonfires. Becca and Logan were the only two brave enough to actually get in the FREEZING water!!

On Friday our neighbors the Adams, Quillins and Osbornes joined us for the holiday. We went to the parade in Manzanita - always a fun "hometown" experience. The kids love to catch the candy that all the floats throw at them. The girls got in the spirit and gave themselves patriotic tattoos! We watched the fireworks on the beach with a bonfire. Fortunately this year Clark did not receive any tickets for setting off illegal fireworks!

It was wonderful to spend the week together - even though there were times of sibling rivalry

We loved being together!

We headed home on Saturday morning. Logan and Becca went downtown to the Farmer's Market and to the Saturday's Market. Clark headed to Bend for the wedding of one of his high school buddies.

We spent the rest of the day unpacking, doing laundry etc. We taught Becca how to play Samba while she was here so we played Saturday evening.

Logan and Becca headed home Sunday morning - we will miss them. We loved getting to know Becca and we hope she liked us :)! I was asked several times by people in town if she was my daughter and one sweet man even asked if she was my sister!
This is one of my favorite pictures of the Logan and Becca -