Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here at Home

So now that I've updated you on all the college kids - here is an update on what we've been up to here at home!

It's been cold around here and we woke up to a dusting of snow this morning and had hail a couple of times over the weekend.

It is nice to have the musical over but we will miss the show. I was able to watch it 8 times including dress rehearsal and never tired of it - such a fun show and the songs will be running through my head for weeks!

Today - Sunday, everyone but me is taking a nap. We had some pretty late nights and not much sleep this weekend. Because of closing weekend of Joseph there were lots of parties going on! I am guessing Tess got about 6-8 hours total all weekend!

Friday night I worked in the box office and after the show Jim and I went to a Parent's Party at the directors house and got to bed about 1:00 a.m. After the show Tessa went to an extravagent birthday bash for one of her good friends - rented a facility, DJ, fashion show etc. She had a great time and then had a sleepover with a couple of her friends who went. She couldn't remember what time they got to bed?

She and I both had to get up first thing Saturday morning though for a Girl's Camp meeting so no sleeping in for either of us.

I spent Saturday, after the meeting, finishing up all the cast gifts for the adults - framed cast pictures etc. and dipped 100 strawberries in chocolate for the cast party. Tessa got to take a nap!

We stayed to help for the cast party and got to bed at about 2:00 a.m. this morning due to day light's savings time. 9:00 church came too early. Tessa spent the night again with some friends but promised she would be up, ready, and smiling for church - and she was! Again, she couldn't remember what time she got to bed!

Saturday - Jim worked in the yard and he and our neighbor Tom took old Rocky Raccoon for a ride - they drove out to Germantown Road and let him go. The neighbors just told us they have seen two living in their wood pile which is just on the otherside of our fence so I guess we will keep the trap baited for a while longer!

I had two ward conferences today and I taught the RS lesson as part of my Stake assignment. No nap for me today but bed time can't come soon enough.

After having suffered with headaches, sore ears, stiff neck and post nasal drip for two weeks I finally went to the doctor after Jim complained I was snoring! I have a sinus infection so am now on 3 different meds so hopefully will be feeling better soon.

We are looking forward to a little quieter week around here and a little more sleep!

College Boy Update

Decided I needed to be fair - did a college girl update last week so needed to give equal time to the boys.

Clark has been busy with school, work and lots of homework. He is spending alot of time in the library and it is not allowing much time for a a social life although he did go with his ward to the Draper Temple Open House this weekend.

In addition to his job for BYU IT Clark is also now doing a virtual internship for Glen Beck - Glen Beck is a political talk show host on Fox. Clark is also getting excited about his trip to Cambridge this summer and is getting all his travel plans in place.

Logan has had a busy couple of weeks - the YA's had a ten tour to New Mexico and West Texas. In addition to being part of the group Logan's job with the Performing Arts Department is to plan all the details of the trip. So in addititon to being the YA President he has double duty - being the head planner guy too!!
They were able to see the temple in Albuquerque.

They were also able to do a little shopping and touring in Old Town Albuquerque and later in the week went to Carlsbad Caverns.

One of their performances was in Hobbs, New Mexico - I have no idea where that is but I do know it is about two hours from Roswell New Mexico where Michelle and Justin live. They were wonderful and traveled all that way to see Logan and the Young Ambassadors performed.

Thanks for sharing the pictures Michelle!

Michelle also took this great picture of Logan on stage during his Billy Joel number!

Several of the kids were sick on tour and a couple of nights Logan had to sing for one of the guys off stage as the kid lip synced on stage.

Unfortunately Logan caught whatever bug was going around when they got home and went to the doctor this week and was diagnosed with bronchitis and the early stages of pneumonia so we are hoping he is getting lots of rest!

Logan had another performance last night up in North Salt Lake. Emily and Wynn went to cheer him on and took Cali with them. We understand Addy was one of his biggest cheerleaders - go Addy!! Love you guys!

With only about 6 more weeks of school Logan's focus is finding a job! Right Logan??