Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Happenings

We're a little late with this week's update.  We've been busy digging out the boys room ( I kind of took it over with my craft/sewing stuff).  I thought they might appreciate a bed that wasn't covered in scrapbooking supplies, fabric, ribbon etc.  I've also been busy decorating the trees for each of their rooms and then there was that obnoxious hacker who got into one of my blogs and caused all kinds of chaos, including losing all the posts I had worked so hard on to post during the holidays so I could take a little blogging break!!  Back to square one with that one!

We have been in full holiday mode around here.  In addition to the Grotto last week we had two fun holiday parties to go to - both of them white elephant gift exchanges.  We prepared all week for a major ice storm which never happened - such a disappointment.  We did get a skiff of snow during Sacrament meeting on Sunday but that was it! 

Tessa did a lot of babysitting this weekend and earned some much needed money for Christmas gift giving!  She also helped out with a Senior Prom at a local retirement center as part of a National Honor Society project.  She had a great time and I am sure gave some of the old men a thrill when she danced with them!  One of them was an old time actor who had been in Twilight Zone!

I also helped out another ward in our Stake when their Enrichment Leader quit the week before their holiday dinner.  I got a lesson in fondant making from my friend Meg and then decorated holiday cupcakes for them - chocolate cupcakes with peppermint frosting with a yellow fondant star on top.  Yummy!

Cali was busy doing a little holiday baking herself.  She and her roommates made sugar cookies and hosted a holiday party for some of their friends who will not be returning to school.  When we went to Utah for Thanksgiving I took a oven thermometer to test the heat in Cali's apartment oven as she said everything was burning.  Well, when an oven is cooking 50 degrees too hot that happens!  Once they adjusted the temperature things turned out great - including their cookies.

Now they just need to learn how to focus their camera or take a few lessons from Your Homebased Mom on food photography!!
Cali had a busy week preparing for finals and her voice recital.  She and two other girl's sang  a medley of holiday songs - Cali sang Susie Snowflake.  I think she looked darling in her outfit!

Thanks to Emily and girls for going and supporting her and her two brothers.  At least I think Clark was there, he just didn't hang around for the photo I guess!!

Some of Cali's roommates were also there to support her - just wish we could have been there!!!

Clark and Cali are busy studying for and taking finals although Clark did manage to squeeze in a date this weekend - they decorated gingerbread houses.

Logan went to the movies and DJ'd a dance.  He has been doing a lot of job interviewing and it looks like he has a couple of good prospects!  We're keeping our fingers crossed.

All the kids arrive home this week.  Logan on Wednesday and Clark and Cali on Friday.  We can't wait!!!