Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Young Ambassador Updates

If you would like to keep up on the Young Ambassadors while they are on tour in Scandanvia Logan will be updating the YA blog when he has internet.

Here is the address:

His Facebook status says he is loving Copenhagen.

I got an email from him today and here is what he had to say:
There is something about Logan and typing in foreign countries - he forgets to use the Cap key - I added in a few caps but left the rest. He did this while on his mission too! He also forgets how to spell!

Today was a great day. We got off the plane yesterday and went straight to the stake center where we had a fireside. The fireside went very well. I stayed with this awesome family and they feed us these open faced sandwiches which are huge here with fresh shrimp which was amazing.

This morning i watched a dance class at the royal danish ballet academy. tessa would have loved it. they were all fantastic dancers.

We then got to walk around and see alot of different things in copenhagen. this city is a amazing. i keep thinknig i am in a bourne movie or a bond movie because the only itme i have seen a place this this is in that type of movie.

We had a great show tonight with about 30 vips. i talked with the minster of education who sits on the highest table in their govenrment after the show and he loved it. he was clapping and dancing in his chair the whole time. the danish government gives scholarships to students who study at univeristies across the world. before they woulnd√łt give them out to students going to byu but after the show he said that they know would recognize byu as a univeristy that they would give schorlarships too. well i am pretty tired from jet lag and such a busy day love you

Monday, April 27, 2009

Logan's Graduation

Enjoy the fun SmileBox I put together - after clicking on the arrow in the middle use the arrow in the bottom right hand corner to page through!

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beach Babe Weekend

It has been a busy last week and a half so I have a little catching up on the blog to do as my children are reminding me!!

Last weekend I escaped to Ocean Park Washington (just north of Long Beach) with my Beach Babes for a fun weekend. The weather was beautiful and of course, as always, we had a wonderful time.

Ocean Park was a new destination for us. Patrice has a co-worker who has a house there who let us use his house for free - so nice - thank you !!!

It was a pretty little house j ust a few blocks from the beach.
We had a fun time exploring the area - Jack's Country Store was the best - it had everything you could imagine. I could have spent hours there and did pick up a darling, vintage style tablecloth.

We found a couple of yummy little cafe's to eat at including one that had a yarn store attached. Not only did we enjoy some "to die for" Limoncello Torte ( I have got to figure out how to make it) but April and I made friends with the man who runs the yarn store and bought yarn and needles to make dishcloths. Yes I knit three discloths over the weekend. They are so cute I don't think I will be able to use them. One has a hummingbid on it and another has cherries - so cute.

We explored nearby Oysterville. A darling historic town that they have maintained. The entire street is lined with historic homes, an old school and beautiful old church. There is a sign on the front of each house that tells about the original owner, etc. I felt like I had gone back in time. It sits right on the bay where they farm oysters. We also visited an oyster shop that smelled so bad I had to walk right out!!

We also enjoyed a beautiful hike around Willapa Bay - the weather was perfect!

We visited Cape Disappointment and the visitor's center there. This was one of the places Lewis & Clark had stopped. The weather was terrible and so they decided not to stay - thus the name Disappointment.

We also stopped at Discovery Point State Park and Astoria on the way home.

The Beach Babes are an eclectic group and I love them all. I am so blessed to have these amazing women in my life!!

Jim and Tessa survived the weekend home alone without me!

Graduation details and photos coming soon!