Monday, May 10, 2010

Totally Tessa - a new blogger in the family

Yes, another member of the Wilkes family has ventured into the blogging world.  It must be in the genes! 

Tessa has started a blog - Totally Tessa.
Just click on Totally Tessa to visit her blog.

O.K., so I get to take credit for the name - isn't it just stinkin cute and my friend Sherra gets to take credit for the cute blog design and Tessa of course for all the fun content on the blog (the most important part)

The name of the blog comes from the fact that people will see some piece of clothing or fashion and comment "That is totally Tessa!"  If you have spent any time around Tessa you know that she loves clothes and fashion and has an incredible eye for putting combinations together that you would never think of and they work!

On her blog she will be sharing many of her daily outfits and her fashion inspirations!  Be sure and go over and subscribe via email or put her in your rss feed.

We'd love it if you'd share her blog with any of your friends that might be interested too!!

Now we just need to get Logan and Jim blogging.  Jim jokingly said he was going to start a blog - he thought a good topic for his blog would be weed pulling since he spends so much time doing that.  What about you Logan???

Mother's Day

I hope all you Mother's enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day and weekend - stretch it out as long as you can.

Mine was a little different this year as I spent most of the time taking care of a group of mothers.  I had my annual scrapbooking beach retreat so I spent the weekend cooking and cleaning but at least it was for a group of women I really like and enjoy being with.

And I did get to look at this amazing site.

 It was a PERFECT weather weekend at the beach - sunny, blue skies and not much wind and it was warm!!  Doesn't get any better.  The flowers in the backyard of the beach house were beautiful too!!
I came home on Sunday afternoon to celebrate with Jim and Tessa.    Jim gave me this lovely piece of garden art!

I had left a recipe on the counter before I left and hinted that if he wanted to make something fun for Mother's Day he might give this recipe a try.  Well he did and it was so yummy.  A carmelized onion and brie stuffed chicken breast with fresh roasted asparagus, a green salad, fresh warm bread and a sour cream lemon pie from Marie Callendars for dessert - he did good!

The best part of the day was getting to talk to all of my kids. The boys left me a nice surprise right here on the blog when they broke in and left me a wonderful Mother's Day Post. We Skyped with Cali and she also wrote a nice little post for me for Mother's Day too on her blog (Quirky Cali)

Tessa had a wonderful gift for me that I just love.  It's perfect!!  My current journal is almost full and it was time for another one!

Despite the fact that I had to wash the sheets and make four beds, clean two bathrooms, one kitchen and vacuum and dust the whole beach house on Mother's Day it was really a lovely day!  At least if you have to do that work it was at the beach!  I took a little stroll by myself on the beach before I left home and it was quite lovely!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

On this mothers day Clark and I wanted to break into our mom's blog and publicly express our love for her.    As you all know, our mother is amazing and there isn't anything she can't do.  It is very difficult to express with words how much we love our mother and what she means to us.  Our mother has had a major influence in every good decision we have ever made and has kept us from making a lot of stupid ones:)  

Growing up our dad would always tell us at the dinner table, "Boys, if you someday find a wife half as beautiful and wonderful as your mother, I will be very happy for you."  This is probably why we're still not married, we can't find anyone as wonderful as our mother.

Happy Mothers Day mom! 


Logan and Clark