Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I hope all you Mother's enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day and weekend - stretch it out as long as you can.

Mine was a little different this year as I spent most of the time taking care of a group of mothers.  I had my annual scrapbooking beach retreat so I spent the weekend cooking and cleaning but at least it was for a group of women I really like and enjoy being with.

And I did get to look at this amazing site.

 It was a PERFECT weather weekend at the beach - sunny, blue skies and not much wind and it was warm!!  Doesn't get any better.  The flowers in the backyard of the beach house were beautiful too!!
I came home on Sunday afternoon to celebrate with Jim and Tessa.    Jim gave me this lovely piece of garden art!

I had left a recipe on the counter before I left and hinted that if he wanted to make something fun for Mother's Day he might give this recipe a try.  Well he did and it was so yummy.  A carmelized onion and brie stuffed chicken breast with fresh roasted asparagus, a green salad, fresh warm bread and a sour cream lemon pie from Marie Callendars for dessert - he did good!

The best part of the day was getting to talk to all of my kids. The boys left me a nice surprise right here on the blog when they broke in and left me a wonderful Mother's Day Post. We Skyped with Cali and she also wrote a nice little post for me for Mother's Day too on her blog (Quirky Cali)

Tessa had a wonderful gift for me that I just love.  It's perfect!!  My current journal is almost full and it was time for another one!

Despite the fact that I had to wash the sheets and make four beds, clean two bathrooms, one kitchen and vacuum and dust the whole beach house on Mother's Day it was really a lovely day!  At least if you have to do that work it was at the beach!  I took a little stroll by myself on the beach before I left home and it was quite lovely!!

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