Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Better Late than Never

I am now being chastised by my children for being late in getting the family blog updated the last few weeks.

Yesterday I returned from 4 days in Minneapolis for Creative Memories National Convention. I came home with a massive headache and a sore throat so I guess they are just going to have to cut me some slack. After 3 Advil, 2 Excedrin and 3 Extra Strength Tylenol (not all at the same time) my head still hurts!

I thought my head was going to explode on the plane ride. I had hoped to finish reading Eclipse so I could start Breaking Dawn (the vampire series of books) when I got home but no reading happened on the plane thanks to my exploding head!

So to bring you up to date on the Wilkes -

Wednesday last week Aunt Pam arrived from Vancouver, British Columbia in her cute little camper that is parked in our drive way. Unfortunately she broke down in Vancouver Washington and had to be towed into Portland. Our mechanic was able to help her out and get it fixed for her right away though. Hopefully the trip home will be less eventful.

It has been fun to have her visit.

I left for Minneapolis on Thursday and had a great time - not much sleep though. That's probably why I'm not feeling very well now. I was able to stay with my good friend Deb from Michigan. We had fun getting dressed up for the Leadership Banquet which was a Sock Hop. We wore our Pink Lady bowling shirts and ratted our hair!

Everyone survived at home without me.

The girls went to the party at Barnes and Noble Friday night for the new book Breaking Dawn and are having a race to see who finishes first!

Tessa finished up her ballet intensive with a performance on Saturday that I had to miss - everyone else went and Jim reported it was great! She is enjoying sleeping in this week!

Logan and Becca drove up to Idaho Falls for the weekend. Becca had a friend getting married in Rexburg. They stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Wilkes and had a great time. They spent some time in the garden with grandpa picking raspberries, went to Reed's Dairy for ice cream and went to see the remodeled visitor's center at the Temple.