Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Week!

This was a good week.  It was full of CM meetings, birthdays. lunch out and Relief Society stuff.

Three sweet friends celebrated birthdays this week - Emily, Sherra and Meg.  Birthday celebrations included phone calls, gifts in the mail and a birthday cake baked.  Only Meg leaves near me so she is the only one that got a cake but Emily and Sherra would have gotten one if they lived closer!!

I had two CM meetings - Monday and Tuesday night.

My friend Jane treated me to a pedicure and lunch out as a thank you for helping with her son's wedding.  It was fun to spend some time with her and get caught up on life.

Wednesday I met mom, dad and Aunt Dottie for lunch down in the Pearl District.  It is always a joy to spend time with Aunt Dottie who lives in California.  She is the only extended family we have on my mom's side so anytime we get to see her or spend time with her is cherished.

The cute cousins:

 Friday night Jim and I met our friends Shauna and Merrill on their side of town (Eastside) for some good Mexican food.  The restaurant is rated as one of the top Mexican restaurants in Portland - it is "real" Mexican food, not the Americanized version.  So good and it was fun to spend the evening with Shauna and Merrill.

Saturday morning Jim and I made salsa using Emily's yummy recipe.  Our tomato crop was so poor this year I ended up having to go to the store to buy some tomatoes so we would have enough for a batch.   Yum!

 Saturday night was our RS Broadcast at the Stake Center.  As usual I was in charge of food.  I picked out all the recipes and then assigned each ward one recipe.  They made all the food and brought it so my job was pretty easy.  I did the table set up and decor which just involved taking some of my Fall decor and using it on the table since we didn't have a budget for anything much.  I also went over to the CSA farm some of our friends at church run and cut some sunflowers (I did get permission) .  Our Stake owns some pretty gold tablecloths so I just added some flowers and pumpkins!

Everything turned out great and all the food showed up!

Tessa had a busy weekend. A birthday party Friday night and Saturday their school hosted an Improv Festival so since she is on the Thespian Board she had to be there all day.  She did run over to the Broadcast near the end so she could be there for the senior recognition where they welcome them to RS and they gave them these really fun necklaces - a burnished metal dish that had T2TF engraved in it - True to the Faith.  They are really cute.