Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Show Week In Utah

Last week was show week!  That means I get to go to Utah for the week and be Cali's assistant.  Her dhow Charlotte's Web opened this last week and it was fun to be there to take photos of dress rehearsal, see opening night and help her with all her last minute errands which included five trips to Costco!

The kids did a great job and the set and costumes turned out great!

I love it when I walk into the school and hear the kids yell out - Hi Mama Wilkes!  It is very evident how much they adore Miss Wilkes too.  It is nice to hear from parents too how much they love her!

The Wynn Wilkes went with me opening night to see the show along with Ashley and Logan.  We were able to met David and Tricia for dinner before the show at Cubby's.  It wa fun to visit with them for a bit.

While I was there I was able to attend a blogger event one night which was fun.  I also got to go to Oteo, one of my favorite Utah restaurants with Logan, Cali and Ashley.  I also checked out a new bakery in Provo - The Might Baker and bought myself a few treats!

While the other kids were at their Mulan play rehearsal I took Addi on a date.  I surprised her and we went to Taco Amigo for her favorite - Nachos Supreme and french fries!  She was a happy girl and even shared with me.

Before I headed to the airport I was able to see part of Ward and Jacky's Mulan rehearsal.  Wish I was there to see the real show but it was the next week.  They did a great job and looked so cute!

Logan and Ashley kindly took me to the airport only to realize my flight was not out Friday night, it was out Saturday night!  Can't believe I did that!!!  Logan and Ashley were very nice about it and I got to tag along on their date. We had a delicious dinner at Pallette and then some yummy gelato.

I then got a hotel near the airport that had a shuttle and I flew out the next morning!  I was glad to be home but it was a fun trip!