Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

I have never been much of a St Patrick's Day fan.  In fact, I must admit there are some years when I totally ignored it.  My poor children. 

So when my friend Meg asked me what we were doing for St. Patrick's Day I replied - nothing.   Lucky for us Meg invited Jim and I to join their cute little family for a St. Patrick's Day dinner complete with corned beef and cabbge.
I brought the soda bread which I had never made before.  Not too bad but a bit crumbly since there is no yeast in it.  We also brought the fixins for Shamrock Shakes!
But the best part was we got to share it with these cute little leprechauns.

 Thanks Daines Family for inviting us over and making it a fun St. Paddy's Day celebration!!


On Thursday evening  Jim asked me if it was o.k. if he planned a date for the next day, Friday.  I was a little surprised because he usually doesn't plan that far ahead and of course I said yes! 

When he got home from work on Friday I asked him where we were going and he replied - Wicked!  I don't listen to the radio (only books on CD) or read the paper much so I didn't even know it was in town.  I was excited.  We have seen the show a few times before, once in New York, but I think Wicked is one of those shows you can see over and over again.

We decided to make it a real New York experience (and save a little money) and we decided to go to Escape from New York Pizza for dinner before the show.
The show was amazing as usual although we were a little disappointed in the guy who played Fiyero.
Noticed there are a few more shows headed to Portland that I'd like to see including Memphis which Logan just recently saw in NYC.  Hint, hint Jim.....

Can't wait until Jim plans another date night - he did good!

Happy Birthday Tom!

This weekend we were able to attend the 100th birthday party celebration of Tom Emmett.

  Please don't think us disrespectful that we call him Tom.  We would rather call him President Emmett (former Portland Temple President, Regional Rep, Bishop, etc.) but he insists that we call him Tom.  Whenever we slip and call him President Emmett we are quickly reminded to call him Tom.

Jim home teaches the Emmett's and loves every minute of it.  Tom and his wife Rosemary are amazing people and I want to be just like Rosemary when I grow up.  She is a beautiful, gracious, kind, spiritual, and a funny woman.  Love them both.

At Christmas, when the kids were all home for the holiday, we went over to the Emmetts to visit and sing them a few Christmas carols.  It was a wonderful evening and when we left Logan said "Being around them just makes me want to be a better person."  He was right.

What an honor and a privilege to know them.  Tom said a few words at the party and he shared with us his amazing spirit, wisdom and sense of humor.  Even at the age of 100 he is clear, concise and articulate.  Amazing!
Years ago he was called to be the Bishop of the Mt. Tabor ward.  He was actually called out of the congregation and asked to serve as the Bishop - no interview ahead of time.  He didn't live within in the ward boundaries at the time so he was told he would need to sell his house and move into the ward boundaries and of course he did!  What an example of service and dedication.  He has dedicated his life to serving his Heavenly Father and fellow man.  Even at his birthday party he was being a missionary to the non-member neighbors and friends they had invited.

We are honored and privileged to call Tom Emmett our friend!