Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lost Lake

I don't remember the last time I went camping in a tent.

Jim took the girls camping about 5 years ago and I think that is the last time our tent was used.

This weekend our friend Ron celebrated  his 60th birthday.  He had reserved a group campsite up at Lost Lake and invited his friends to join him.

Since was going to be in the 100's in Portland this weekend, the cooler temps up on Mt. Hood were very appealing!

It h as been years since we had been to Lost Lake.  We had camped there several times when the kids were little.  It is up on Mt. Hood and is a beautiful lake with one of the most photographed views in Oregon and of Mt. Hood.

We got up to Lost Lake about 5:30 on Friday afternoon.  We took the wrong route and ended up on a windy, mountain road for way too long.  Five miles of it were gravel roads and let's just say my stomach wasn't in the best shape when we finally arrived.  It took us about an hour longer to get there than it should of.   It was pretty much a miserable drive but this lovely view made it worth it, I think.

Fortunately Jim remembered how to set up our tent.

This tree with the carved heart was right next to our tent.

Friday night Ron had dinner catered so we enjoyed a yummy dinner and then a campfire visiting with ward friends.  Jim and I walked around the lake part way too.

One of the deals with going camping was that Jim agreed to be in charge of getting everything ready and the food.  He got up and cooked us a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon and sweet potatoes.
I enjoyed reading my book and watching him cook.
After breakfast we walked around the lake which is about 3 miles.  We then stopped and rented a double kayak and went kayaking on the lake.

We joined several other ward families, mostly with younger children, at the lake and played in the water.  I did a little paddle boarding which was fun and easier than I thought.
And then I enjoyed a little tube floating.  Jim kept the kayak busy letting other families take it out onto the lake and enjoy it.  He declined to give the paddle board a try.

We had some lunch and then headed back to Portland.  This time we went the right way, down through Hood River and it was a much more enjoyable drive.  When we saw this sign, we stopped immediately!

We split a huckleberry shake and enjoyed checking out this cute little shop just outside of Hood River.

It was a delightful weekend and we had a lot of fun.  Maybe we should use that tent a little more often!!