Monday, November 7, 2011

A Little More Halloween

The Saturday before Halloween we went a fun party at our neighbor The Balzar's.

Here are the host and hostess!

Fortunately Bill doesn't look like that when he is at work as a motorcycle cop for the Portland Police Department!

There were lots of fun costumes.  Our neighbor's the Adams came as a football player and a football!

Neighbor Doug was pretty creative - he came as Occupied Portland.

Here are some of the neighborhood girls - Olivia, Shannon (Hannah's friend) Hannah, Lauren Sommers and Molly Quillin.
And some of the mom's (I don't know Glinda, she was a friend of the Balzer's)

But I have to say my favorite costume's was Debbie.  She came dressed up as me.  It was so hilarious!

She had the apron, camera, candy corn cookie, scrapbooking stickers and a bag of essential oils and even the hair!!  All my favorite things  Too funny!!!