Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ecola State Park - Indian Beach

We are enjoying some amazingly beautiful weather this week - in the 80's!!  I always thought that the Oregon schools should go through June and then have September off since our weather is so much nicer in September than in June!

Since we had such nice weather my group of hiking friends thought we should head to the coast and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

We had a wonderful hike but unfortunately for us the sunshine was only in Portland - not at the coast.  We found fog and a little drizzle at the beach.

We went to Ecola State Park and hiked down to Indian Beach - a new hike for me.  Despite the fog it was still beautiful - how can the Oregon Coast not be beautiful.

We hiked through some beautiful wooded areas with lots of amazing viewpoints along the way.

Indian Beach is a popular spot for surfers and there was a group there that day - wet suits and all.

We enjoyed our lunch down on the beach and then did some exploring of the tide pools.

One of the gals 75 year old neighbor joined us - she was amazing.  She had no problems keeping up with all us young girls!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BYU Blues

I guess enough time has passed by now that we can finally talk about it.

BYU lost on Saturday and they lost bad!

It was a sad day for many members of the Wilkes' family. It was a sad day for Jim as he watched the game from his nice comfy red leather chair at home.

It was a sad for Logan who proceed to wallow in his sorrows the rest of the day (we're sorry Jenesse) and then he drowned his sorrows by grilling up some good eats Saturday night.
It was not quite as sad a day for Clark because he sold his tickets for some cold hard cash and then used a friends ticket to go to the game!
Despite the loss Cali had a fun time. As she walked into the game she was excited to see Elder Holland who said hello to her and her group.
They enjoyed some yummy shaved ice.

And then they got to see what happened when you asked a group of Marines or are they Army guys to flex!

Her friend Brittany was down for the weekend from BYU-I so they had fun together even though BYU lost!

Cali and friends.

Two of her roomies... Where was Lizzie?Despite the loss we still are True Blue fans - Go Cougars!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Little Princess

This fall Westview is doing A Little Princess for their Children's Theater.

Maybe you have seen the old Shirley Temple version or the more recent version...

The story is based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Tessa has the part of Miss Minchin. If you have read the book or seen the movie you know that she is the somewhat stern/evil headmistress of the boarding school where Miss Sara - the little princess is living.

Tessa is a little concerned about playing such a "mean person" but sure she will do just great!!

I already have the fabric and pattern for the two costumes I need to make for her - they are 1920's vintage patterns so that should be interesting!!

The play will be the weeked of Oct. 22-24th if you are in the area!

College Girl Cali

You may remember that a month ago I posted a picture of a Cruiser bike that I was hoping to win for Cali over at a blog giveaway. I thought she would look so cute on that bike!

Well, I didn't win it but look what Cali is riding around Provo!!

Logan found this bike on Craig's List and bought it for Cali! What a sweetie!! It has a cute basket on front and even a bell!

Cali and her roommates have been having fun decorating their apartment too - after a trip to Pier One they came home with some cute decor.

Why am I not surprised that Cali has a golden Buddha Frog in her living room!?
and lots of fun,colorful posters and old record albums on the living room wall!

I wonder if their kitchen table always looks this clean and neat?

College life and apartment living seems to be agreeing with her and she has even been doing some cooking!! Love ya and miss you girl!!

Fred Meyer Ad

Earlier this summer Tessa shot an ad for Fred Meyer Back to School ad campaign.

The ad finally showed up in the stores last week. My friend Marsha went into the store and got a copy of it for me.

Isn't she cute!