Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Texas - 50th Annivesary

Here is my last update from our Texas trip.
Sunday morning we went to church with the Scholl's. That evening we celebrated mom and dad's 50th Anniversary.

Karen went all out and set a beautiful table complete with pictures of the newlyweds!

Danger - Young girls with fire!!

We had a yummy dinner from a local Italian restaurant.

Here's the kids table - Drew and Rachel had to sit at the kid's table!

After dinner we watched a DVD Rich had put together of pictures of mom and dad growing up and the married years. Cali, Logan and Clark had sent video too as well as lots of nice notes from many of their friends.

Of course there were some photo opps afterwards too!

The kids...

The grandkids.....

Texas - The Wedding

Drew and Rachel's wedding was Saturday morning at the Dallas Temple. We woke up to very cold weather and wind. It was actually snowing in Prosper where Karen lives. I think it was about 40 degrees where we were but the howling wind made it seem colder.

The temple was only about 15 minutes from our hotel so we made it easily. There was a big wreck on the tollway so the bride arrived about 45 minutes late. Poor Drew had been waiting in the lobby for an hour for her. He looked a little nervous!

After the ceremony we all went outside to take a few pictures. It was so cold and windy!!

Here are the happy couple!

And here we are trying to stay warm!

And here is the bride trying to stay warm!!
Here is a picture of the groom's side of the family who were there - Best's and Scholl's. No one was having a good hair day thanks to the wind!

And a couple of cute cousins! I don't think we had seen Lucy since Ashley's wedding - she is almost as tall as Tessa!

Texas - Rehearsal Dinner

Tessa and I arrived in Texas Thursday night.

Friday we did a little shopping and then went to the family/rehearsal dinner Friday night. It was held at a fun Texas BBQ restaurant.

We were able to meet Rachel's side of the family (Drew's new wife) and visit with some of the Scholl relatives.

Here is the cute couple!

And here is the cute "Old" married couple who would be celebrating 5o years of marriage the next day - the same day Drew and Rachel began their married life!
Here is the Best side of the family....Baby Parker (Ashley and Sam's little boy) kept us entertained at the table.We had some good Texas BBQ and yummy Texas sheet cake for dinner!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Colorful Cali

Recently I noticed that Cali's Facebook status said "Live life to the fullest" and then these pictures showed up on Cali's Facebook.

Looks like she had a good time last weekend Living life to the fullest!

She and a group of friends went to the Festival of Colors.

I guess it is some type of Indian Celebration to welcome Spring. It took place at an Indian Temple in Spanish Fork - who knew there was such a thing in UTAH!

Cali said she heard there were 12,000 people in attendance.
This is what Cali and her friends looked like before the festival.

And this is what they looked like after....

Colorful CALI!!!

I am not exactly sure what happens but there is a lot of colored powder dye thrown around!

As of today, Tuesday, Cali still has pink streaks in her hair. She said you can tell all the blonde headed students who were at the Festival as they walk around campus because they still all have pink hair!
So do you think Cali looks better in PINK...
or in BYU Blue???

She is hoping the pink dye comes out before her voice recital on Thursday but if not - it will match her outfit which is pink!!

Keep on Living Life to the fullest Cali!!!