Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thawing out!

When I landed in Portland last night it was 40 degrees and it felt like a heat wave!

I spent Sunday - Wednesday in St. Cloud Minnesota where the temperature was 30 BELOW ZERO with the windchill!

Let me tell you - that is COLD!!!

I think I may finally have warmed up!

When it is that cold outside you can barely breath. They were canceling school in the area because it was so cold. Fortunately all I had to do was walk from the hotel to the shuttle and from the shuttle to the office building and then back again each day!

I spent Sunday evening with some CM friends at the home of Susan, a former CM corporate vice president. She has a small but beautiful home right on the banks of the Mississippi River. The river was frozen and covered with snow. Susan and her husband Denny fixed us a lovely dinner and we enjoyed visiting and catching up.

The next day Susan took us through a dreamboard exercise which was very fun. I'll share about it on yourhomebasedmom soon!
I wish I had taken a picture of the river - what was I thinking!!

They had a blizzard on Monday so driving was a little scary. My friend Sherra who I do iLashGirls with was also there. She had driven - yes driven - all the way from Atlanta in her little blue bug!!

She and I had quite the adventure driving on the roads in her little bug in the blowing snow when we left to go to the CM meetings. Contrary to popular belief they DO NOT plow all the roads in Minnesota!!

Sherra and I had CM meetings Monday - Wednesday.

Jim and Tessa survived without me. Jim left for Seattle on Wednesday so was not home when I got home - thanks to my friend Marsha who picked me up.

Tessa is busy with school, dance and play rehearsal.

The college kids are doing good. Cali had to have her phone replaced this week as it had been dropped in water one too many times - they were not able to transfer her contacts so call her or text her so she will have your number in her phone again!