Monday, September 8, 2008

Yearly Sports Quota - FILLED!

For those of you who read my other blog - you may have already read about our Seattle adventures this weekend. If not - you might want to check it out.
If you have read it - I apologize for the slight repeat here but I just wanted additional proof that I have filled my sports watching quota for the year - 3 games within 8 days time!!

First -

#1 BYU football game in Provo

#2 Mariners/Yankee Game

#3 - BYU/Univ. of Washington Football Game

While at the game in Seattle Jim decided to buy a Univ. of Washington hat for his collection. When BYU won in the last two seconds by one point which hat do you think Jim wore as we walked out to the parking lot? We are True Blue fans but remember we were parked in the Season Ticket holder parking lot. Yes, we were in the middle of thousands of die hard Huskie Fans who had been there since 9:00 a.m. in the morning drinking LOTS of beer at their tailgate parties.

Sorry I could not get this picture to download the right way - it's on its side!

The answer is - the purple one - figured we would be safer if we walked through that crowd with a Huskie hat and not a cougar one. I kept my jacket closed tight around my BYU t-shirt. We figured if the team needed a police escort out we might want to play it on the safe side!

Don't worry too much Jim also bought a new BYU hat while we were there at the alumni booth - he didn't have a BYU football one only a BYU Lacrosse.

It was a pretty short week last week, with the holiday and then leaving for Seattle on Thursday. Tessa seemed to enjoy her first week of classes. She starts back to dance next week so things will get a little busier.

For Young Women's Tessa was in charge of the activity. We decided to decorate boxes that the girls could keep their Sunday handouts in. Each Sunday I do up a fun hand out for them - here's the one they got this Sunday.

The girls seem to enjoy the activity and the boxes turned out pretty darn cute.

Tessa spent the weekend with her friend Jenny while Jim and I were in Seattle. They had a great time and even road MAX downtown to the Saturday's Market.

I guess I can no longer call it the Boy Update - it is now the College Kid Update:

The college kids are doing great. It was a big week for Logan as he began Young Ambassador practice and had the YA retreat that he was in charge of as President. Emily Wilkes is our hero! When the arrangements they had made for the food fell through just a few days before the retreat Emily stepped in and pulled it all together and helped make it happen. She spent 6 hours up at the retreat preparing, serving and cleaning up !!

We love you Emily!!!!

Clark had his first intramural football game this week and a date - Yeah Clark!!

Cali is making friends and seems to be enjoying the social life at BYU. She likes her classes and especially her Philosophy, Sign Language and Theater class. She has got things figured out and should start voice lessons soon too.

The kids were all blessed this weekend when they got to hear from 3 General Authorities in one day - two at their Regional Conference and another at a Fireside Sunday night.

We miss our 3 college kids and are adjusting to life around here without them!