Sunday, May 4, 2008

Australia Update - #2

Here's the email we received from Logan today - we did talk to him this weekend also. Yes Clark - I left the typos and lack of punctuation in!

Well not much has happened since I last talked with you last night This mornign we went to church and we went to a park for awhile and then we drove to sydney where we had a fireside. We have had huge turn outs at our firesides. 600 to 800 hundred people. They are a great people. The area president came and talked to us before the show. We had a ton of people from New Castle which is about two and a half hours away make the trip down for our fireside. My host family (or they call it billits here) it is amazing how many different words they have here, they are great they both work for the church office here in Sydney.

We have a free day tomorrow in Sydney. I want to see the oprera house and some gardens and then take a ferry to a really cool beach. I am pretty excited to just get lost in a big city and not have any where I have to go.

Well love you all

May 1st - D Day

May 1st was "D" day at our house - or rather "Decision" Day. Cali told us she would announce her decision as to what college she would be attending on May 1st. She has been leaving us in suspense for several months.

She had been accepted to four different schools and we are happy to announce that this fall Cali will be attending
BYU - Provo!
Yes - three children in college this fall!$!!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$

It was another "Show Week" at our house. The Acting 3 class puts on a production each spring as part of their class and this year it was Shakespeare's "As You Like it". This version was set in the 1920's and Cali had the part of Phebe. Fortunately it was a short version (1 hour) as Shakespeare has never been a personal favorite. I must admit I did understand more the second time I saw it and even caught some of the humor.

Of course Cali looked darling and I loved the vintage clothing they wore and the 1920's hair styles. In order to look a little more voluptuous Cali wore 2 padded bras. Well, the last night she decided to take it up a few more notches and put a 3rd one on.

When she walked out on stage for the first time, Tessa turned to Jim and in a not very quiet voice said, "Look at those boobs!" She gave the people around her a good laugh!
Unfortunately I wasn't there that night to get a picture!

Westview's Concert Choir went to State Competition on Saturday and they placed fourth in the state - the highest Westview has ever placed. Yeah!

I spent the weekend at the beach for my annual scrapbooking retreat. The weather was not bad on Saturday and today it was beautiful - the day we had to leave. Everyone had a good time and got lots of scrapbooking done. I made good progress on Cali's high school album - still lots to do though!

I arrived home at 2:00 this afternoon and Jim flew out to Las Vegas at 11:00 so we missed each other. He will be working a Tradeshow for Daily Access and will be there until Tuesday night.

A couple of weeks ago Tessa had her modeling portfolio shot by a photographer from LA. This week we went to the agency she is working for and viewed the photos. They are gorgeous and Tessa looks like she is 24! I will try and post some later this week. She also went out on a "call" for her first possible job. A back to school ad for Fred Meyer - hopefully we'll hear back from them.

Boy Update:
Logan was able to call us this week. He is having an amazing time and loving every minute of it. They should be in Sydney today - which is tomorrow in Australia. He was looking forward to visiting the famous Opera Hosue.
One night he stayed with some members who live "out in the bush" and the father let Logan drive the car. Not only do they drive on the other side of the road over there but the steering wheel is also on the other side of the car. It was a stick shift car, shifting with your left hand, which made it even more of an adventure. I think I am glad I was not in the car! I feel like I have a missionary again - only hearing from him via email and the occasional phone call!

The families he has stayed with have an international line through their internet and he is able to call home for eight cents a minute once in a while. When he called it was midnight there and it was 7:30 a.m. here!

Clark is back in school and enjoying his classes. He is also still working the same job. He had a double date last night with Tyson his roommate and his girlfriend. They all went to SLC to watch David Beckham play and then out to dinner. Dad was also glad to hear that he had changed the oil in the car!

Wilkes Weekly Dinner Plan

I've had a hard time getting back into cooking and meal planning since our return from Florida but I am ready to get back on track - and so is my family! Even though Jim is out of town half of the week and that is usually a good excuse not to cook too much, I have some new recipes I've been wanting to try so the girl's and I will be experimenting.

Monday: Spicy Lettuce Rolls - a recipe given to me by my friend Dawn Nelson. I have tried several other lettuce wrap recipes and am anxious to try hers.

Wednesday: Beef Tacos - This is cooked over night so plan ahead

Friday: Date night, dinner out

Saturday: Leftovers or Take out Pizza

Sunday: Mother's Day - Jim will be cooking!