Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

We usually carve pumpkins out of our garden but since the pumpkin crop was rather slim this year we actually had to buy one from the grocery store (since our pumpkin patch visiting days seem to be over)

Jim is the official pumpkin guts cleaner outer - I don't ever touch the stuff.  I stick to taking the pictures and helping with the carving.

Jim decided to get creative and design his own pumpkin pattern this year.

He also got out the power tools!

His pumpkin turned out quite cute - he used the stem as the nose!

Tessa finally managed to get her pumpkin carved too, or at least part of it - mom finished it up for her.

This was right about the time she said "Do you have to take pictures of EVERYTHING!"  Guess what the answer was!

Hannah came over to give her moral support!

Here are the finished product out on the front porch...pretty cute!
Daytime version....

Night time version!

Friday, October 30, 2009

College Game Day

Cali called me today to inform me that I was neglecting the college kids on the family blog.  She is right.  I haven't done a college kid update in a while. 

In order to redeem myself with my college kids the next few blog posts will be all about them!  This post will be all about Logan, your post will be next Cali and Clark if you want a post about you, you are going to have to send me some pictures!

Last week Logan and Jenesee drove up the canyon to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves!

Aren't they cute!

Logan was in heaven last weekend when ESPN College Game Day broadcast from Provo.  He and Lane showed up nice and early - around 5:30 a.m.!!

He called us at 6:30 a.m. to let us know he was there and to record in on TV. We never did see him on the TV.  Clark was also there but farther back.  I guess he did get on TV eating a doughnut! 

It was a fun day until BYU lost :(!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Queen Bee Birthday Brunch

My sweet friend Jeannena had a birthday this week.

Jeannena has always been very secretive about her age.  Since I had been invited to her 50th birthday party ten years ago I knew that this birthday was a big one (although I'm not saying how old she is - wouldn't want her mad at me!!)

My friend Marsha and I hosted the brunch at Marsha's house.  We decided on a Queen Bee theme because Jeannena is definitely the Queen Bee!!

Well - Jeannena didn't show up but her "sister" Karen did!!

"Karen" aka Jeannena with a short blond wig on walked in with a huge balloon declaring Jeannena's real age!!

We crowned Jeannena the Queen Bee complete with tiara and septor (which was a yellow fly swatter with flower and bees glued to it!)
We also had cards for people to complete the statement, I love Jeanenna Beecause....

And of course there were yellow flowers, lemon head candy, yellow frosting on the cinnamon rolls and lemon poppyseed muffins to complete the theme along with blueberry muffins, orange rolls, fruit, a quiche and a frittata~

Jeannena used her septor to help blow out the candles.  I had brought 60 candles but we were afraid of burning down the house so we didn't use them all!

It was a fun morning with lots of laughs and visiting.

The guest of honor and the party hosts!

Happy Birthday Jeannena!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Break a Leg!

It's bad luck to tell a performer Good Luck - instead you are suppose to say "Break a Leg".

Well Tessa took that good luck adage a little bit too far this time!

After her final performance of Little Princess Tessa stopped by the house to take a quick shower before the cast party.  She was carrying her box of dressing room supplies up the stairs with her long handled purse hanging from her arm.

Her foot got caught up in the purse and down she went.  She heard the bone crunch!

She couldn't stand to miss the cast party so we carried her in and she stayed for about an hour while Jim and I went out for a quick dinner.

In the mean time I called our friend Larry who is a podiatrist.  He didn't answer and I remembered they were going to the temple that evening. I left a message for them.

After dinner we picked up Tessa and took Jim home so he could finish watching the BYU game - so sad!
Tessa and I headed to the emergency room at about 8:30 p.m.  I wasn't looking forward to a long ER wait and having to breath in all the germs of the people who were there thinking they have swine flu!
Fortunately for us just as we were getting ready to turn into the hospital Marsha, Larry's wife, called and said they were just leaving the temple and could meet us at their office in Tigard - we turned around and headed to Tigard!

Larry xrayed it and showed us the break.  The side of her foot had swollen up so much we weren't surprised that it was broken.  He put her in a big, beautiful boot!  30 minutes later we were on our way home - yeah Larry!!!

We gave her some pain meds and put her to bed!

She stayed in bed most of Sunday - still feeling the after effects of the pain meds and keeping her foot iced!

We have a set of crutches we borrowed from some friends so she will use those at school the first few days until the swelling in the foot goes down.

She's already planning ways she can dress up her ugly boot!!

Little Princess Tea Party

This year the Marketing Dept. and Theater Dept. teamed up to offer tea parties before the two matinee performances of Little Princess this year.  It was a DECA project for one of the students.  When I heard about it I volunteered to help with the decorations and food - who can resist a tea party!

I used some of the decorations I had used for Tessa's Sweet Sixteen Party as well as some new pink chinese lanterns I found.

We tried to turn an ugly staff lounge into a pretty tea party room!

I dipped lots of marshmallow princess septors!
Then put them in a plastic bag with a card telling each of the girls they were a Princess!

For the food we did vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting and chocolate cupcakes with white frosting, chocolate dipped strawberries, grapes and heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

They also had crowns for the girls to decorate before they ate - so cute!

For the decorations I had bought some old tea cups at Goodwill and stacked them up and then glued them together - super easy but they looked darling!

We even had a cute little vignette set up outside the room so everyone knew where to come!

The various servants/maids in the show came down and helped serve lemonade and tea.

During the tea Miss Minchin, Miss Amelia and the school girls came down for a lesson in posture.  They walked around the room and balanced books on their head - so cute and all the little girls loved it!!!

Miss Minchin was as mean as ever!!

It was so fun and everything turned out great.  We had about 50 people at the two tea parties so it was a great success!

Each of the little girls got an autograph book as they left to go into the show!

May I Have Your Autograph Please?

One of my favorite things about the Fall Children's Show at Westview is watching the children after the show as they get the opportunity to meet the performers.  The performers always come out in costume for a Meet & Greet.

This year one of the Marketing classes made and sold cute lilttle autograph books.  The books had pictures of all the main characters and a place for autographs.  The kids could go around and get autographs from all the different performers.

I love watching them!

Tessa was a little worried since she played such a mean character that none of the kids would like her or come up to her.  Even though she got booed at the two elementary school performances ( we assured her that was a good thing) she got lots of applause at the regular performances and asked for her autograph!

Our friends Dyann and Calista Jellesed came to see her Friday night (Calista is named after our Calista!)

Even more of Tessa's adoring fans were there!

Her number one fans - her parents!!

And her grandparents!

Lots of her friends and our neighbors came out to support her too - wish I had gotten photos of all of them!

You were amazing Tessa!