Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little Princess Tea Party

This year the Marketing Dept. and Theater Dept. teamed up to offer tea parties before the two matinee performances of Little Princess this year.  It was a DECA project for one of the students.  When I heard about it I volunteered to help with the decorations and food - who can resist a tea party!

I used some of the decorations I had used for Tessa's Sweet Sixteen Party as well as some new pink chinese lanterns I found.

We tried to turn an ugly staff lounge into a pretty tea party room!

I dipped lots of marshmallow princess septors!
Then put them in a plastic bag with a card telling each of the girls they were a Princess!

For the food we did vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting and chocolate cupcakes with white frosting, chocolate dipped strawberries, grapes and heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

They also had crowns for the girls to decorate before they ate - so cute!

For the decorations I had bought some old tea cups at Goodwill and stacked them up and then glued them together - super easy but they looked darling!

We even had a cute little vignette set up outside the room so everyone knew where to come!

The various servants/maids in the show came down and helped serve lemonade and tea.

During the tea Miss Minchin, Miss Amelia and the school girls came down for a lesson in posture.  They walked around the room and balanced books on their head - so cute and all the little girls loved it!!!

Miss Minchin was as mean as ever!!

It was so fun and everything turned out great.  We had about 50 people at the two tea parties so it was a great success!

Each of the little girls got an autograph book as they left to go into the show!


Dawn said...

Did you glue the cups with removable glue? what a cute idea! It looks like it was a success.
Good job.
I just came up for air. I finished the 12 Cantores vests. 60 buttons, buttonhole. They also have straps across the backs with buckles. It was a ton of work at this time of the year. Not enough time for fun things like baking cookies. I did get a batch of my favorites done however! Are you home tomorrow night ? (Tues) I will drop a sample by...

Emily said...

So, so, so wish we were there!!! I can see Jacky right now, this is just her kind of thing. Love the decorations and all the little details!