Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

We usually carve pumpkins out of our garden but since the pumpkin crop was rather slim this year we actually had to buy one from the grocery store (since our pumpkin patch visiting days seem to be over)

Jim is the official pumpkin guts cleaner outer - I don't ever touch the stuff.  I stick to taking the pictures and helping with the carving.

Jim decided to get creative and design his own pumpkin pattern this year.

He also got out the power tools!

His pumpkin turned out quite cute - he used the stem as the nose!

Tessa finally managed to get her pumpkin carved too, or at least part of it - mom finished it up for her.

This was right about the time she said "Do you have to take pictures of EVERYTHING!"  Guess what the answer was!

Hannah came over to give her moral support!

Here are the finished product out on the front porch...pretty cute!
Daytime version....

Night time version!

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Tamara said...

Fun, fun carvings!