Friday, October 30, 2009

College Game Day

Cali called me today to inform me that I was neglecting the college kids on the family blog.  She is right.  I haven't done a college kid update in a while. 

In order to redeem myself with my college kids the next few blog posts will be all about them!  This post will be all about Logan, your post will be next Cali and Clark if you want a post about you, you are going to have to send me some pictures!

Last week Logan and Jenesee drove up the canyon to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves!

Aren't they cute!

Logan was in heaven last weekend when ESPN College Game Day broadcast from Provo.  He and Lane showed up nice and early - around 5:30 a.m.!!

He called us at 6:30 a.m. to let us know he was there and to record in on TV. We never did see him on the TV.  Clark was also there but farther back.  I guess he did get on TV eating a doughnut! 

It was a fun day until BYU lost :(!!


Clark said...

I ate a doughnut mom, I'm not sure what you said I ate but it kind of sounds dirty.

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

ooops - typo!

Logan said...

I got there at 5:00 am!!

Melinda said...

I realize this is your family blog, however the Groths love checking on it. Our kids all have counter-parts in your family! I agree with Cali. Keep those posts and pics coming. PO much fun to read (and see) what they have been up to!