Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Parent vs. Kids

After dinner all the kids wanted to play kickball.  They didn't just want to play - they wanted the parents to play with them. So after a little pleading and begging all the parents agreed.

We divided up parents against the kids - not sure that was really fair as the kids are much better at this than we are!

Here is the kid team:
And the parent team:
The kids were first up - we finally had to tell them it was our turn because I don't think they would ever get enough outs!  (Did I mention the parents aren't very good)
Then the parents were up and then they weren't!  It didn't take long for the kids to get us out!!

The game was called because the kids were up by about 200 to 1 (not really but it seemed like that) and Cali needed to go in and pack!

Cul de Sac Potluck

Since Cali was only home for a short time - basically Sunday - we decided to invite the neighbors over for a potluck dinner so everyone could say hi and bye at the same time!

As always - we love spending time with our neighbors.  Add in some good food and it is pretty much perfect!

I made two different types of briskets, rosemary rolls, balsamic ravioli, black bean and corn salsa and a cake and experimented with these potatoes...I cooked them in a pan of rock salt and then after they were baked I put a little olive oil on them - every one thought they were yummy.  Thanks Logan for the idea!  He had something similar at a luncheon last week

 Debbie brought one of her amazing fruit salads - so good!
 And Katie brought this  yummy asparagus and peanut dip - so good and so pretty!!
Shari brought this lovely and delicious strawberry shortcake - Cali had requested strawberries for dessert!

And I made a buttermilk cake which was yummy with strawberries too.
The kids had a great time in the kitchen and the adults in the dining room!

Declan especially liked dessert!

The cul de sac kids minus three - Olivia was at a birthday party.and of course Logan and Clark were in Utah.  Do they still count as cul de sac kids??
And while the adults talked in the dining room look what was going on in the kitchen!  Thanks to Cali for recording the moment!!

The whip cream is the best part after all!!

Family Photo

So I just couldn't resist sharing these photos with you.

We were taking some graduation photos out by the Cougar after the graduation ceremony and I wanted a family picture.  I asked a nice girl who had just finished taking some photos if she would take a picture for us.

She had fun with our camera.  She just clicked away!

This is what I found when I looked at the pictures!

I am not sure what they were talking about but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with sports!

and more sports....

Come on guys - quit talking and smile at the camera!!
 I was ready!
 Not sure who she was but thanks!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Graduation Day Part 2

Graduation lasted two days.  Clark's college graduation ceremony was Friday.

Friday morning Jim and Cali headed over to her new apartment for this Fall to give them some money and sign papers.  Tessa and I headed over to the Women's Expo at UVU where several bloggers I know had a booth and I wanted to see them and take them a little gift.  We didn't have much time so after talking for a bit we basically ran through the Expo to see what there was. 

As we passed the Pampered Chef booth the gal asked "Are you Your Homebased Mom"  I guess I am famous even in Utah!!  It was fun.

From there Jim and I headed over to Corporate Alliance where Logan works to see him in action  It was Jumpstart week so they had lunches all week and Logan was leading the discussion that day.  It was so fun!
I managed to embarass him in front of his boss when I made him let me take his picture in his office.

He is so official - he even has his name on the door!

 Doesn't he look so professional!  His windows look right out over a golf course!!
 From there we  headed back over to the Marriott Center for the College of Family Life Sciences for graduation.  Clark graduated in History.  It was a huge college and they predicted the graduation would last up to 3 hours!!

 Enough Mother!!

 It's official - he has the diploma (not really, they will mail it to him)  As soon as he got his fake diploma he headed right for one of the tunnels that led out of the Marriott Center.  We got a phone call from him that he was waiting outside by the bell so we left early!
 More photo ops!

 Four kids and a cougar!!  Go Cougars!
 Go Clark - we're proud of you!!!
We celebrated the boy's birthdays Friday night after graduation.  The boys wanted to go to Tucano's but the wait was 3 hours long in Provo so we headed up to Salt Lake to the one there and got right in!  Both boy's had birthday certificates to use and Logan had some gift certificates so we ate for practically free!!  They even sang happy birthday to them!

From dinner Clark headed to another wedding reception and we went down to Provo to Men's Warehouse to do a little shopping for Logan's birthday. They had some of their sport coats on sale and then had them buy one get one free so he got two great looking jackets for $100! 

We headed home to Portland Saturday morning since Cali was leaving Monday.  It was a long drive but we made it home safe and sound and in time to run out to Helvetia Tavern for a burger - Cali's choice!

Graduation Day Part 1

We headed to Provo Wednesday after Tessa was done with school.  We drove to Ontario where we spent the night.  We got up the next morning and arrived in Provo about 1:00 p.m.  Changed our clothes at Emily's house and headed to Smash Burger for some quick lunch (yum!  Wish we had one in Portland) and then met Clark for some picture taking before the general University Commencement Ceremony at the Marriott Center.

He looked so handsome in his cap and gown.  The only problem was  his head was way too big for the cap!

 It was really quite entertaining to watch!  He finally got it on and he looked so handsome!
 The proud parents!

 Two proud sisters patiently saving seats for us in the Marriott Center.  Logan joined us too!
 I went outside to get some pictures of the processional.  This is not a picture of Clark...
 This is not a picture of Clark either....
 In fact, there is no picture of Clark walking in because I didn't realize they were coming in on two sides of the building and I was on the wrong side.  I did manage to get a picture of him once he was inside the Marriott Center  - here he is waving at us!!  Thank goodness for a zoom lens!

 Elder Christofferson was the guest speaker at the Commencement Ceremony.  He was quite entertaining and kept it short and sweet.

 That's a lot of graduates!!!
 After the ceremony we took some more photos - Clark and a few of his buddies.

 The proud siblings!

 The whole proud family!!
 The proud mommy!
 The proud parents.
 On Facebook I had seen that my BYU roommate, Delanie was also going to be at graduation as her oldest son was graduating.  We arranged to meet after the ceremony.  It was so fun to see her and her entire family - it's been quite a few years since we had seen each other.

 After dinner we headed up to Salt Lake for dinner.  Clark had a wedding reception to go to in SLC and we figured the restaurants would be less crowded up there - well we were wrong.  This was the line outside of the Red Iguana...
This was a Thursday night - I take it as a good sign - the restaurant must be good.  Fortunately Clark had made a reservation for us so we only waited a few minutes.  The food was yummy and it was a loud and fun atmosphere.
After dinner Clark went to his wedding reception and we headed back down to Provo.  We stayed at David and Tricia's house - thanks guys!!
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