Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vintage Beauty

I promised a separate post on the photos my friend Meg took of Tessa in a vintage dress shop we checked out on our fun Saturday.

When we walked into the shop a group of women were oohing and aahing over a dress.  The dress was too small for any of them.  The owner looked over at Tessa and said "I bet it will fit her - do you want to try it on?'  Of course Tessa did!

It was an amazing vintage dress - from the 50's I think.  It was beautiful fabric, a wool crepe and the skirt was amazing with it's decor!  The dress fit Tessa perfectly!

Not only was the dress gorgeous but so was Tessa and she was the center of attention of everyone in the store.

Fortunately Meg had her camera with her so it turned into a spontaneous photo shoot.  I think we will go back to this shop for some of Tessa's senior pictures.

Tessa had a blast and didn't want to take the dress off.  She would have loved to take it home with her but the wool fabric made the dress too hot to wear to a dance etc.

So fun!!!


Patti said...

She looks like a Barbie doll! Especially with those cute shoes!

Tamara said...

Gorgeous dress, even more gorgeous model. What a fun session for all of you! Thanks for sharing!