Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Parent vs. Kids

After dinner all the kids wanted to play kickball.  They didn't just want to play - they wanted the parents to play with them. So after a little pleading and begging all the parents agreed.

We divided up parents against the kids - not sure that was really fair as the kids are much better at this than we are!

Here is the kid team:
And the parent team:
The kids were first up - we finally had to tell them it was our turn because I don't think they would ever get enough outs!  (Did I mention the parents aren't very good)
Then the parents were up and then they weren't!  It didn't take long for the kids to get us out!!

The game was called because the kids were up by about 200 to 1 (not really but it seemed like that) and Cali needed to go in and pack!

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Tamara said...

What fun! Glad you have such awesome neighbors and your memory bank is overflowing with the fun times!